Hi winter,

because there are a lot of people that get problems like here:


if someone uses a language file i.e. German and you release a new update of a tool and there is a new version of the english.xml, and someone want to use German Language, at the moment the get errors like on the link above

so is it possible to make it use the German Language file and if there are lines which are not present it will get them from the english.xml file?
that way people could use their language file and if it isnt updated regularly they would only get some lines in english but no error

also i think it would be good that winreducer should check on each start if the language file is up2date, so if someone downloads a new version but forgets to replace the english.xml they would not get an error (just a Message box which says that the english.xml is not up2date)

i think that would solve some problems and also a lot of time for a lot of people