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Freeware Program Collection

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descriptionFreeware Program Collection EmptyFreeware Program Collection

I thought that it would be pretty cool to make a collection of one of the best and up to date freeware programs for Windows and share it with everyone! 
Many people would be interested and with the help of other users we could make the ultimate list. I am starting with the basic and other 
members can post theirs underneath. Let's make discussions in other threads to keep it clean! I have put links on the names!

Audio Editor:

Audio Encoder:
foobar2000, EAC, CUETools

Audio Tagging:

Audio Player:
Tomahawk, foobar2000, Xion

Benchmark Tools:
3DMark, Cinebench, Prime95, Hybrid ( 2-Pass x264 Frames Benchmark ), Novabench, Unigine, PCMark, SiSoftware Sandra

Iron, Opera, Maxthon ( would be cool if you could disable Cloud? )


Cloud ( Server needed ):

Comodo Firewall

FTP Client:
WinSCP, FileZilla

Hardware Temperature:
HWMonitor, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, RealTemp

Home Theater Presentation:

Mail Client:
Opera Mail

Mail Web-Client ( Server needed ):
RainLoop, phlyMail

Malware/Spyware Cleaner:
Spybot Search & Destroy, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, SuperAntiSpyware


PDF Reader:
Sumatra PDF, FoxitReader

Server Client:

Video Editing & Encoder:
Hybrid, Avidemux, mkvtoolnix

Video Player:
SMPlayer, Media Player Classic, Videolan, DVDFab Media Player

Virtual Drives:

Virtual Machines:
VirtualBox, VMWare Player

Virus Scanner ( I don't use any ):
Avast, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, AVZ Antiviral Toolkit, Sophos Anti-Rootkit, ClamWin

LibreOffice, OpenOffice, AbiWord

Windows Cleaner:
CCleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, Glary Utilities, Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Windows Defrag:
Auslogics Disk Defrag, Defraggler, UltraDefrag

Windows Advanced Searcher:
Agent Ransack

Windows Partition Manager:
Minitool Partition Wizard, EaseUS Partition Master

Windows Tools:
Notepad++, Folder Size, Bulk Rename Utility, Resource Hacker FX, PeStudio, Universal Extractor, WhatChanged, WinDirStat, WinMerge

Windows Updates:



descriptionFreeware Program Collection EmptyRe: Freeware Program Collection

Audio Expert
nice tool to fine duplicate music files

Cue Splitter
i think its the easiest tool to split music

Dir It
just drag and drop a lot of files to the tool to get the file location/names in your clipboard

find what has changed in your registry

Se7en File Replacer
replace easily files from windows

Delete move files even if they are used

VLC Player
Video/Music Player

EDIT: you already posted most of my software Razz

descriptionFreeware Program Collection EmptyRe: Freeware Program Collection

Some extra stuff that i like to use. 

To replace windows picture viewer and that metro photo viewer:

To replace Wordpad and Notepad (saw u allready had this in your list after i posted) :

To replace windows paint:

For converting video, audio or images (Best i've used, to and from everything):

descriptionFreeware Program Collection EmptyRe: Freeware Program Collection

A VERY handy tool everyone that has a stock pile of Movies and TV Series needs to have.


It uses various online data bases to rename, number and add details such as year of creation and many more if you need it too

descriptionFreeware Program Collection EmptyRe: Freeware Program Collection

Thanks for sharings. I tried many software. There is some of my different recommandations:

XnView (Fast, minimal, useful picture viewer)

Mozilla Thunderbird (I think its better than Opera Mail because Opera has many problems)

Qbittorent (Stable, efficient and CPU friendly bittorent client)

MyDefrag (Obviusly best freeware defrag software for performance)

Process Hacker (Very fast-useful task manager)

LAV Filters Megamix (This is compilated media player which includes PotPlayer-best video player, Media Player Classic with LAV Filters, MadVR-best codec ever, xySubFilter, DirectVobSub)
LAV Filters Megamix

descriptionFreeware Program Collection EmptyRe: Freeware Program Collection

Process Monitor: Sysinternal's great tool shows all Windows API-calls in realtime. Comes with powerful filters. The ideal tool to trace errors and program behavior.

Process Explorer: TaskManager replacement with vast options by Sysinternal

Autoruns: Lists all processes that start with Windows and offers checkboxes for easy deactivation

HiJackThis: Lists processes that start at system start and other features to track malware

QTWeb: Ultra-tiny browser complete with built in adblocker. Portable, single executable and less than 8MB. Runs even off a CD

Search Everything: Ultra-fast, tiny and portable search tool. Just enter the name of the file you're looking for and it filters its search list in real time. Tracks TOC changes through NTFS-queries. No search indexing service required

Locate32: Another great portable search tool. It doesn't support realtime search. Instead it creates a snapshot of your system's current file setup. Afterwards you can search through the snapshot in realtime with tons of search options such as size, date and file content. Also nice to have to have a snapshot around in case of a hard drive fail. This way you'll know exactly which files you lost Wink

Daum Potplayer: Moderately small media player that supports hardware accelerated decoding as well as a ton of other audio and video filters for playback. Comes with built in filters, but also supports directshow filters.

DNSJumper: Small tool that allows you to switch between different DNS without having to change those manually.

EasyBCD: Invaluable tool to manage your BCD. Huge set of features. Allows you to boot basically everything from your Intel PC: Windows, Linux, ISOs, VHDs, Floppy Images etc.

VisualBCD: Small tool with a low level approach to BCD editing. It doesn't support as many features as EasyBCD, but it does support some that EasyBCD doesn't and that allowed me to fix problems I couldn't have otherwise.

Filezilla: Great FTP-Server/Client.

Flashget: Pretty small download manager with integrated Emule and torrent client. Has been around since the 90s. Still useful when downloading from slow websites. Supports downloading media such as Youtube videos with the Flashgot plugin. I suggest using the 1.9 version over the 3.x one. since it's less bloated. The torrent and emule client functionality is neat, but no real replacement for a dedicated client, but nice for those who only need such functionality occasionally.

NVidia Inspector: Tiny portable tool to manage your Nvidia graphics card. Allows you to set clocks, voltages and access hidden graphics options. You can also force your graphics card's mode through it (idle, 2D, 3D).

Psiphon: Small portable proxy/VPN. Automated proxy. No installation necessary. Connects you via SSH, SSH+ or VPN.

Browser Plugins:

- uBlock Origin: Ultra-performant adblocker that supports Adblock Plus filter lists plus many more. Uses less memory than ABP and runs faster, blocks more stuff and has a better feature to select website parts to create automatic block filters. Supports Chrome and Firefox.

- FlashGot: Plugin that integrates a ton of download managers into Firefox. It not just catches downloads from websites that try to hide their links and routes them to the download manager of your choice, it also allows you to download media such as audio and video streams, as well as batch downloads of all links/selected links on a website.

descriptionFreeware Program Collection EmptyRe: Freeware Program Collection

Adding some tools not here, main criteria is "low resource usage":

1) Text editor: Notepad2-mod:
2) Microsoft Snip:
3) Image viewer: IrfanView:
4) *Not freeware, but priceless(file manager, ftp client, cloud accounts management via plugins, bulk file rename, cooking steak): Total commander:
5) Browser: Firefox light

descriptionFreeware Program Collection EmptyRe: Freeware Program Collection

All good programs, but I don't see Eusing Free Registry Cleaner (
It's still the best! Along with Eusing Free Registry Defrag (

Then you have AIMP4 (audio player), Cyberfox (browser), FastStone Image Viewer, IObit Uninstaller, PDF-XChange Viewer, WPS Office, REAPER (audio production and editing) (nagware)*, SMPlayer (video player), etc.

The best programs in their category... Wink free for personal use!
*Maybe except for REAPER (but there's only a 5 s. reminder window, then they permit you to use the program without any limitation. Thanks!)
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