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descriptionRedo "Protect Important Files" EmptyRedo "Protect Important Files"

i was thinking about it a bit. and maybe this "preset" should be customizable a bit. (not editable like the keep files project, but maybe it could be merged together in the future)

i was thinking about something like that:

activate via a button the "Protect Important Files" -> Something like the Appearance -> "activate desktop context menu"

when we activate this preset we will be able to activate/deactivate the files via checkboxes

like "Program Files\Internet Explorer\ieproxy.dll" etc

1*) i was thinking about that because there are some files that are needed by maybe 50% of the people. so they could remove those files they dont need (ADVANCED)

also in this option there should be files added if someone got problems with installation or programs. (all files that are needed, but people can deselect them anyway)


there are files that are needed from "Volume Shadow Copy Service" so that some streaming programs will run. but not everyone used those software

also each file (checkbox) i.e "sdbinst.exe" should be clickable -> web browser opens to a thread where this file was requested, i.e

so if someone deselects "sdbinst.exe" and gets an error he could click on the name and get to the thread and look for the error. so they would know what they can select/deselect


so in total

- the "Protect Important Files" should activate a new section with checkboxes
- checkboxes should be activeable/deactiveable to protect or not protect those files
- clicking on the checkbox gets you to the thread where it was requested because of bug (if there was such a thread)
- all files should be added here if someone gets a problem with installation or a software because THEY ARE IMPORTANT FILES

so what do you guys think? to much ? good? bad ?
also i hope you understand what i mean ( i didnt sleep for nearly 40 hours so i cant say if its clear enough xD)

descriptionRedo "Protect Important Files" EmptyRe: Redo "Protect Important Files"


I like this idea !
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