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description[ANSWERED] Installation problem ! Empty[ANSWERED] Installation problem !

Winterstorm2050 Hi, I've been waiting a long time for the new version and I'm disappointed! Why does my program touted dirt to install PC? Why the program does not open for editing Windows without me having to install additional programs ?? Old version went without it. I am disappointed and ...
[ANSWERED] Installation problem ! F06a713c1f48ff27cf23c3567c686f23

description[ANSWERED] Installation problem ! EmptyInstallation problem !

Hello kocko,

All third-party software are absolutely necessary to use WinReducer 8.1 v1.17 (hope you use this latest build), and this is why they are in reds !

Before starting using WinReducer, you need, at this screen (you screenshot), to click on each name to automatically download all necessary files : WinReducer will automatically extract all files and put them in the good folder !

For example : to install 7zip : click on the name "7zip", then click on the name "ImageX", and so on ... in fact, all checkboxes needs to be in green !

You could use this dedicated website page to inform you about the 1st installation procedure :

Best Regards.

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