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description[IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image Empty[IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image

I created a reduced image using an original, clean 'unaltered, unpatched' iso of Win8.1 Update 1 Pro x64 edition.
I didn't inject any updates.
For the unattended section, I chose not to include the two DISM cleanup options, because I wanted to do them manually post-install.

The point is, when you don't inject updates into the DVD it makes little or no difference to the disk usage, number of files, or size of Windows folder when you run
DISM /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup /resetbase.
Making me think that it should not be chosen for unattended unless you are injecting updates...

Has anyone else tested this?   Question

Not a problem as such, but it would save you time if the above is correct.

description[IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image

You have the option of not selecting it in the Unattended section.
In your case, it would not do anything, I think as you would not have integrated any updates to be "cleaned" from the ISO.
It cleans up old temp files and also removes the previous installed versions of an update, thereby saving space..

description[IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image

Thank you for responding.

I now understand what the option to cleanup does, but #Winterstorm, would it help to put a note for that option to say 'do not enable if you are not integrating updates'?  since maybe not everybody knows what that option does.

Thanks you once again.

description[IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image

I support brittech's suggestion, winter. I used to waste a lot of time with the DISM cleanup even though I wasn't integrating updates in the ISO. It's better to run the DISM command after installation of the OS and all updates. It might help users if you put a note to that effect, that it needs to be run only if updates are integrated.

description[IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] DISM /Cleanup-image



OK, then it will be done in the next build my friends ! Smile

EDIT : Added in the help tips of the according component !
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