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description[ANSWERED] I'm so damn frustrated.... Does it even work? Empty[ANSWERED] I'm so damn frustrated.... Does it even work?

I spent about 8 hours straight trying to make an ISO that would simply have specific drivers and Windows updates. I'm using the latest version of the WinReducer 8 v1.99. I feel like I've tried everything. I tried putting the .dll and .sys driver files in the driver folder, it never gets installed when using the ISO. I did the same with the Windows updates. I used the Windows updates tool that downloads the updates for you... it never gets installed during Window 8's installation process. I even tried using the OOBE and it seemed to work but the problem to me was that it was installing the driver software AFTER the initial Windows 8 setup (after putting in your computer name, user name, desktop color, etc). I was hoping to have that stuff installed BEFORE that so that the user would feel like they are turning on a brand new computer with all the drivers installed and all of the Windows 8 updates installed. I'm not worried about Windows 8.1 updates. I just want Windows 8 with all of the updates and specific drivers. Again, the OOBE setup was the closest I could get (I used the driver's .exe files) but I need the drivers installed before the initial Windows setup wizard and it seemed like the OOBE was dependent on the flash drive being plugged into the laptop while the drivers where being installed. I figured the drivers where on the ISO and perhaps it was being transferred to the hard drive during the installation but it doesn't seem like the case since when I unplugged the thumb drive the driver installation (via the EXE files) stopped.

Some other bits of information.

I'm using Rufus to make my bootable thumb drives. I've booted with both MBR and GPT partitions. Both legacy BIOS and UEFI.

My original ISO that I'm using to make this custom ISO is an untouched Windows 8 ISO.

I felt like I worked so hard yesterday and accomplished nothing. Worst feeling ever.

EDIT: I even used the Winreducer v1.02 Final and tried to get it to work, it still didn't work with the driver files or Window update files. I even tried .CAB window update files. Oh and the Windows update tool on the Winreducer v1.02 wouldn't work. I couldn't click the button for some reason. It was not clickable.

description[ANSWERED] I'm so damn frustrated.... Does it even work? EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] I'm so damn frustrated.... Does it even work?



First of all, I'm sorry but WinReducer 1.02 is a deprecated tool, so no support will be available any more, as well as no Updates Catalog for Windows 8.0.

And in WinReducer 8.0 v1.99, are you sure to download the correct updates for your system (x86 or x64) ? If yes, are you sure to select the good folder for your updates ? Concerning the drivers integration, if you want to include them during installation, you need to extract the *.inf files (and according files) in separate folders for each drivers. Then in WinReducer 8.0, you need to use the System tab by choosing the good folders for your drivers.

WinReducer has an embedded tool to prepare your bootable usb thumb drive and transfer your files on it (HOME->TOOLS->ISO File Creator->Save in a wim file) !  Wink 

I encouraged you to check every steps you do with my previous comments, and if it won't work, just inform me. Thank you !



description[ANSWERED] I'm so damn frustrated.... Does it even work? EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] I'm so damn frustrated.... Does it even work?

Halfway home! So that's what I needed, the INF files and the files that accompany it (I read the INF files to figure out what drivers were needed).

The only thing I can't get to work still is the updates. The update catalog that is in WinReducer 8.0 v1.99 seems to include Windows 8.1 updates. I noticed that the updates seem to be in .MSU files. Since the integrated update function doesn't download the Windows 8 updates I used the program "Windows Updates Downloader 2.40" to get the updates in the .MSU file extension. I copied these files into the WinReducer 8.0 v1.99 folder that is meant for update files (WORK -> INTEGRATE -> UPDATES -> x64). They are the x64 Windows update .MSU files (the files say x64 on them) and the operating system I'm integrating them into is a Windows 8 x64 iso.

I can't figure that one out still. Any ideas?  study
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