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descriptionCamera and Photos UI apps broken EmptyCamera and Photos UI apps broken

I removed a bunch of stuff, but NONE of the stuff mentioned under Protect Modern UI Apps, except for selecting the Tweak Disable User Account Control. Why does this break camera and photos? After installing and turning UAC back on via the registry (restoring what I imagine Disable User Account Control does), they still don't work. Are there particular files which 'Protect Modern UI Apps' protects? (I'm not talking about it automatically turning off the features selected to be removed, but other files removed generally by WinReducer).

Is it possible to share what registry changes that some of the tweaks do? You probably want to keep a lot of the feature removing options secret, but tweaks seem like something that could be more transparent.

descriptionCamera and Photos UI apps broken EmptyRe: Camera and Photos UI apps broken

Just checking if you still need help with this problem?

If you do, please grab the latest version of WinReducer and we'll see if we can help.
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