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description[ANSWERED] Amazing!How? Empty[ANSWERED] Amazing!How?


Recently found a friend making of Windows 8.1 (x64) Update Professional with Media Center, WIM size is only 1.3GB!

But also integrates KB2964358, KB2953522, flash_player13, how is this possible? It is unbelievable!

According to the screenshots look seems to complete the function, not reduce component.

I use WinReducer to ensure the function of circumstances, up to WIM in size about 2.0GB.

Too want to know his trick! It is a dream!

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description[ANSWERED] Amazing!How? EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] Amazing!How?


I think it could be possible if you remove some selected components like "Accessories - Natural Language" and many others. I will integrate a functionality to know how much space you save with every components in the v1.1 ..

I encouraged you to wait for this week-end because WinReducer 8.1 v1.07 will have a functional WinSxS folder cleanup which will reduce by much your ISO size as well as many cleanup improvements !

I also added 2 new options for the "Automatic Removing" to improve ISO reduction (based on available "Optimizations" and "EXPERT" components) !  Wink
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