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description[ANSWERED] Windows 8.1 OEM From Flashdrive Empty[ANSWERED] Windows 8.1 OEM From Flashdrive

hello, hope i post this in the right area, if not can you please move it, thanks

i have a question about an OEM version of windows 8.1 from a flash drive.

the flash drive i have is the recovery of Windows 8.1 from my laptop and would love to customize it if possible, it is a full version of windows 8.1.

If it is possible to slipstream it/ customize it, how do i do that, is it possible to remove the programs that the manufacture put on there or no


description[ANSWERED] Windows 8.1 OEM From Flashdrive EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] Windows 8.1 OEM From Flashdrive

The easiest option would be to download a Windows 8.1 iso from MS, install the ISO to a VM using the serial number for Windows that came with your PC/laptop.

Nowadays, the installation ISO is not specific to each key. Rather, you can use any iso to install windows, but it has to be the same version as what came with your PC/laptop.
e.g. if your system is running Windows 8.1 Pro, then you can only use your serial to install Windows 8.1 Pro.

That would be the best way. Then you will have a clean ISO with no crap in it. If you have a laptop, just make sure you find all your drivers first before doing anything..
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