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descriptionRC2 Some Bug EmptyRC2 Some Bug

hi winter&all:

I'm very sorry last year I didn't complete the translation work in Chinese, because I have a lovely daughter
Is expected in February to finish the job, please look

And I found rc2 version of a few small problems, as follows:

1.If I delete "China (T)", then the windows search will not display the search results, it is a question of rc1 haven't seen before(rc2 Also tried), I have to keep I don't need "China (T)",Is about 300MB

Element Category="Remove - Languages" Name="China (S)" Selected="DEFAULT" Value="zh-CN"
Element Category="Remove - Languages" Name="China (T)" Selected="false" Value="zh-TW"

2.As if this feature doesn't work, Enable or disable are system files are hidden
Element Category="Tweaks" Name="Explorer - Hidden System Files (Hide)" Selected="false" 

3.Windows Update Tool Integration after patch, Windows update still can detect more than a dozen new Hotfix.And c + +, flash&d3d are not installed.can you help me?

4.If I change these Settings, enter the system "this computer,ie&control panel" can't be opened.Feel like because more than a "symbol, after the installation is complete(C:\Windows\Temp")

Prompt box
Unable to open these files
your Internet security Settings prevent one or more files open.

Element Category="System" Name="Internet Explorer Temporary Folder" Selected="false" Value="%SystemRoot%\Temp\" 
Element Category="System" Name="Local Temporary Folder" Selected="false" Value="%SystemRoot%\Temp\" 
Element Category="System" Name="Windows Temporary Folder" Selected="false" Value="%SystemRoot%\Temp\" 

5.Registry Integrator Does not support Chinese?Utf-8 and ANSI code are tried,  the Chinese part is garbled characters  after import the registry

that's all, thank you for your attention

descriptionRC2 Some Bug EmptyRe: RC2 Some Bug


Don't worry my friend, there are no problems.

1. I will have a look on this for v1.02

2. It should be solved

3. Because some updates are integrated during windows installation, and if you remove some windows components with WinReducer, many depending updates will not be installed by windows.
For c++, flash, they are not windows updates, you should consider them as software, so you need to use WinReducer OOBE tool, or install them manually after installation

4. First, you need to use different folders for each "Temporary folders", otherwise you will experienced some troubles with many software. Second, you put them in your "systemroot", so the Windows 8.1 security will lock them using system folders security. You could remove the security manually or choose a folder in which you will have full access rights like : on your folder accounts for your "systemroot".

5. I will have a look.  Wink

descriptionRC2 Some Bug EmptyRe: RC2 Some Bug

problem(s) solved?

descriptionRC2 Some Bug EmptyRe: RC2 Some Bug

hey winter i think 2,3 and 4 are solved.

how about question 1 and 5 ?
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