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description[ANSWERED] Black screen after Windows Update Empty[ANSWERED] Black screen after Windows Update


Basically its been driving me crazy for several weeks now.

At and of Nov13 I made a new Win8.1 core iso (using one of the .99 versions of Winreducer) with all updates integrated upto end of Nov 13, and removed MetroUI apps. Tested in VM, all works great.

It worked fine, until the December patches came out. After running Windows update the next restart I got a black screen for approx 3 minutes......then I see the desktop.
I tried everything, remove the updates, remove GFX drivers, etc etc nothing worked.


I built a new iso with Winreducer RC1 at end of Dec, with all updates inc Dec13 integrated and removed MetroUI Tested in VM, all ok.

When I updated the latest January patches last week I have again got this black screen upon startup, all i see is the mouse cursor for approx 2-3 mins then desktop appears.

For a test I have done a fresh OS install using a clean .iso and as expected no problems.
I also instralled my Dec .iso (made with winreducer) on my spare laptop, ran windows update, and it too has black screen after bootup - so the problem is something that winreducer has introduced.

Looks like this guy here having same issue

description[ANSWERED] Black screen after Windows Update EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] Black screen after Windows Update

disable "app readiness" service.
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