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description[ANSWERED] Include own "AutoUnattend.xml" Empty[ANSWERED] Include own "AutoUnattend.xml"

Hey winterstorm2050!

Since I already have my own AutoUnattend.xml (with some special settings not available in WinReducer) I would really love to be able to include my own file in the ISO without having to edit it afterwards.

Thank you Smile

description[ANSWERED] Include own "AutoUnattend.xml" EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] Include own "AutoUnattend.xml"

You can do this already.
Copy your Autounattend.xml to your ISO folder.
When you start WinReducer, do NOT select the Unattend tab.

If you have the Unattend tab already selected from a previous config file, load the ISO folder in WinReducer, deselect the Unattend tab, and then copy the Autounattend.xml file to your ISO folder.
WinReducer wont touch your xml file.

description[ANSWERED] Include own "AutoUnattend.xml" EmptyRe: [ANSWERED] Include own "AutoUnattend.xml"

Oh ok, thank you for the tip, I wil try it! Smile
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