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descriptionWinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final) EmptyWinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final)


I will release a v0.99 (pre-Final) tomorrow, as it seems that WinReducer is stable enough to be release in a pre-final build for public, so this version will be available Monday 2 December 2013 for the Public.

And we will continue the work by adding new functionalities like always improving to reduce Windows even more (with your latest idea clean winsxs), a protected file list, creating WCCF presets files or solved components dependencies and of course solved bugs WinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final) Icon_wink ...

So the story will continue with all of you ... And I really want to thank you all for your excellent ideas and feedbacks ...

WinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final) Icon_bounce 

And for this, I've opened all locked discussions (Bugs, Requests, ...). So with moderators, we will reorganize all your threads in the right discussions ....

And all translators will receive Monday a download link for the Translator Package for the Final build of WinReducer 8.1 ...

WinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final) Icon_cheers

descriptionWinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final) EmptyRe: WinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final)

OK, wait, Extra

descriptionWinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final) EmptyRe: WinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final)

Cool. Awaiting impatiently Smile

descriptionWinReducer 8.1 - v0.99 (Pre-Final) EmptyUnattend language selection and search

Reading through topics from Jan/Feb, it seems that these problems had previously been raised, and perhaps fixed for WinReducer 8 but have re appeared for 8.1?
Search from UI is broken after removing languages, the option under Presets doesn't seem to be protecting the Search function in UI?
And this may or may not be related, but when Unattended is completely filled out, when it comes time to install I still get the prompt to choose a language, even though I've specified this in Unattended. Everything is looking great though!
Thanks, Scott
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