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description[IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions Empty[IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions

Your application is amazing! Just started using beta 7 so just informing you of the things I bumped into on my first adventure! Perhaps you've already considered the following and they're on your ToDo list, but here's what I suggest:

Use of file filters is good when selecting the required applications so that people don't select the wrong thing, however for things like Cursors files should be filtered by *.cur and *.ani, not by the field label, such as specifically 'arrow.cur' or my favourite 'resize_diagonal_1.cur'. I have a bunch of cursors which I don't want to rename them all to suit the field names.

Modern UI Background - rename dropdown items 19 to 19 - Background Color and 20 to 20 - Transparent (Desktop visible) rather than relying on people reading Hint text.

Informations isn't a word (in English), 'information' can be both singular and plural.

Activate Theme Support tab could include a field for 'WinReducer Theme Pack' rather than having it on a separate tab. Having it's own tab suggests Windows already has a WinReducer theme pack and you are specifying a different one.

Either 'Windows Theme' should allow the user to add multiple themes and then select a default from the list, or change tab name to be Default Windows Theme.

For Various could you add on option to Always Show Icons and Notifications on Taskbar?

Anyway the program looks amazing and so full of functionality!! I hope you think my suggestions aren't being too picky. You are king  customizer.

description[IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions


You are welcome !

1. I changed in beta 8 the Open files filters cursors names to be able choose your cursors individually without renaming them. Thank you to have shared this idea !

2. Will see for Modern UI Background 19 and 20 items.

3. I changed in beta 8 the name "informations" according to your suggestion. If you find something else do not hesitate to tell me ... Thank you !

4. Activate Theme Support tab : I will see.

5. Tab "Windows Theme" has been changed to "Default Windows Theme" according to your excellent suggestion !

6. "Always Show Icons and Notifications on Taskbar" : Already exists in remover tab in Tweaks : search for "Taskbar - ..." !

Very Happy

description[IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions

A couple more things:
When removing features there's a very large list, I like to navigate using arrows to expand contract and also move through items, and select/deselect with spacebar. I noticed that the Hints only appears when you mouse over an item, not when you highlight an item using the keyboard. Can you adjust this minor UI issue to show hints when only using keyboard?

Second, when I select the preset to Protect Modern UI, it took me a while to figure out why the tweak to Disable UAC didn't work: because the Protect preset was later removing it! But I could only find this information in the forum. I would expect that if the preset was selected, that: Disable UAC was greyed out and the Hint would include (or be replaced by) "This tweak/item is being protected by the preset 'Protect Modern UI' and so will not be removed during Finalization" or something similar. Similarly you could make the text for all items being protected by Presets the colour Red. Letting the user select the item is probably still important because it means they can save their wccf without it being modified. I found it a bit annoying that Disable UAC kept turning to 'false' when I saved my wccf without an explanation.

description[IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions

I also would like to navigate with the keyboard. It is more comfortable than mouse.

description[IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions EmptyRe: [IMPLEMENTED] Usability suggestions

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