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This new Project Status Information provides new information about The WinReducer Project, and more specifically The WinReducer Software.

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As you know, the path to this release was not easy ... and I would like one more time to THANK YOU, all of you, for your patience and your understanding, I really appreciated during these hard times while I was still working on the development of the new WinReducer Software.

Today, I'm really proud to announce the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE :

15 JUNE 2024


PROJECT - Status - Information - 01 June 2024 [ALL] Winred10


Almost everything has been already said and explained about it ... now I want to explain the true purpose of this new WinReducer Software.

To be honest, in 2012, when I started the WinReducer Project I've anticipated many changes in Windows this is why 12 years ago the WinReducer Project is still standing and always active ... and will be even more active in the future ! Just check in the Forum for the first discussion about WinReducerOS Wink

I knew exactly in which direction I would like to go in the future ... and 12 years ago, the future I imagined has been reached ... what I first imagined, with all WinReducerOS ideas, was progressively upgraded to something even greater, stronger and even better : The WinReducer Software.

Here it is, the new generation of WinReducer Software is born.

This software is the most complete software dedicated to the customization of Windows, it is built to become a reference in its domain : use, create, plugins, configure, customize, modify, improve in order to explore new customization frontier ... the only limit to this new software is your imagination !

This is how I can resume it :

A - Light
It requires only few Mb of storage space and few Mb of RAM

B - Portable
It does not require installation and can be used as a portable application ... so you can remove it or the plugins without leaving a trace on your system

C - 100% Clean
It is certified without virus, adware, mining or other crapware using integrated or external tools (I hate those things) ... it is also certified without data collecting using integrated or external systems (I also hate those things), so there are no data collected about your usage or I do not know what else they can imagine to earn money.
==> To be clear, The WinReducer Project is only accepting money using The WinReducer Store from the official website.

D - 100% Made By Human
It is certified without usage of A.I. tools ... the software is exclusively developed by winterestorm2050 as a human developer : ideas, development, programming, debug, ... are all done by a human !

E - Easy
It uses an internal Plugins system to extend the functionalities of your Operating System, so using the plugins system helps you use only the functionalities you need without using a fat software with unneeded functionalities

F - Simple
It does not require specific skills or programming language to use it ... it fits to every users needs from beginners to advanced or experienced users

G - Powerful
You have all tools to use or create what you really need in very various domains such as audio, video, windows customization, internet, protection, monitoring, ...

H - Creative
It embeds an internal I.D.E. (Integrated Development Environment) named "DEV-CORE" which is separated from the rest of the software : you can use it or not ! It provides The Dev-Core APIs used to create your own Plugins

I - Innovative
Don't be limited by a software GUI with fixed functionalities .. you have the opportunity to create your own GUI with only the functionalities you need and share your creations with the WinReducer Community

J - Long Term Interface
It provides something rare in the Windows environment : a long term GUI stability. When you create your Plugins you can use the same GUI interface for all the Windows Operating Systems in a long term development process. The purpose is to use the same GUI (you create or made by other users) despite the modifications or changes introduced in all Windows Operating Systems

K - Long Term Development
Since the day 1, in 2012, The WinReducer Project is engaged in a Long Term Development, so you already get updates and improvements in the future.

L - 100% Fun
The development is guided by the fun : create something from scratch is really fun, playing with ideas and share them with other users is the thing the most fun I ever done ... this is what I would like to share with the "Dev-Core I.D.E.".

L - 100% Passion
The development is guided by the passion of the customization of windows ... since the beginning, all WinReducer users inspired the work already done with ideas, requests, point of views and sharing with each others



This is the information and software download part of the WinReducer Project : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The website has greatly evolved since the previous information.

The design has been slightly modified to have ;
- less background picture to load
- new buttons
- new pages
- new software licenses
- new software options
- new License+ area design

==> I will describe very soon all changes in a dedicated website news information Wink


This is the technical assistance part of the WinReducer Project : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

No changes have been made or are planned.


"The WinReducer Store" has been renamed to "The WinReducer Cloud" and also changed his website address to : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

The Cloud website address is a simple page with simple information and also contains redirection links ... this is not intended to be used as the official access portal.

You can access to the cloud storage using these 2 website pages :
- [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
- [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

==> I will describe very soon how this works in a dedicated website news information Wink


This is the social media part of the WinReducer Project : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

No changes are planned.


Just a big THANK YOU again for your patience and understanding during this development stage ... and I hope you will enjoy the new WinReducer Software !


Don't be afraid to unleash and share your creativity using The WinReducer Software !