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Hey guys,

Starting with beta 5, we could discuss about what components you want to see in this preset file .... Very Happy

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Be good to hear from any Gamers which components need to be kept to maintain a working system with online/offline games.

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I would like to see a game preset.

You need Internet Explorer   
For Skype
And you need Net. Framework 
For Discord

If you communicating with some of this programs.

The extreme preset for W7 works fine for me to play with steam games =)

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It will be available in the future, and this section will be entirely reworked to be more effective Smile

Have a nice day !

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I usually only do gaming builds, and play around with extreme.  If you want skype to work, does that mean you want the MS store to work as well?  If you're willing to download skype from their website it works fine without IE.  I don't usually do builds for others, it's hard to tell exactly what they're going to want.  Also have a reg script that is geared towards gaming performance, Internet speed, latency/packet loss fixes, and system responsiveness that I could share.  Wouldn't mind someone looking over it either way.
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