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descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 20 December 2023 [ALL] EmptyPROJECT - Status - Information - 20 December 2023 [ALL]

Hello guys Smile

I'm very happy to share with you new information about the future changes for The WinReducer Project (Facebook, Forum, Software, Website and Store).


First of all, I would like to thank you all for your patience, and your understanding, while I'm still working on the Project in the background.


The end of the year 2023 is really close, so I would like to wish you, and your loved ones, a BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY END OF YEAR HOLIDAYS !


And I would like to also send a big THANK YOU to KrX (Forum Moderator) for all bugs fix reviews he made during all these past years ... your are sunny  THE AMAZING KRX  sunny  !   Wink



The Facebook page never really evolved since the beginning of the WinReducer Project ... so, all information and the graphical design are the same since up to 11 years !

It's now time to move forward !

The Facebook page you already know will be improved with new information and a new graphical design :
- new name
- new logo
- new address
- new background image
- new information

This new Facebook page will be available on 26 December 2023.


The Forum has always been the technical aspect of the project ... and will grow on this way.

In 2023, I already added many changes, for the interface and the functionalities ... now, it's time to explore his potential !

There are no major changes planned in the future ... but soon, the Forum will grow with new resources for all various users skill levels (from beginners to experienced) !

To help you use and manage your "WinReducer Software" or share your "WinReducer Plugins" creations, you will be able to use specific parts of the "WinReducer Forum".

You will have access to the "WinReducer Software" part to provide you everything you need to help you using all "WinReducer Software", such as :
- "How to use" : help you use the WinReducer Software
- "Bugs" : to report a trouble or an error while using the WinReducer Software
- "Requests" : to share your ideas or improvements for the WinReducer Software

Also, the "WinReducer Plugins" forum part will bring you an easy and official sharing system for all the "WinReducer Plugins" created using the "WinReducer Dev-Core" software :
- "Official" (name may change) : for "WinReducer Plugins" created by winterstorm2050 and owners of the badge "Official Creator" (name may change)
- "Creators" (name may change) : for "WinReducer Plugins" created by WinReducer Users (by default, each members will have a 5Mb storage space for their "WinReducer Plugins" creations)

These parts of the Forum are not yet activated ... they will be on 14 January 2024.


About "WinReducer Dev-Core" and "WinReducerOS", and the software development have been greatly improved with many optimizations ... the next versions (2024.1.0.3) will continue to be in the alpha stage. In January 2024, the official software release schedule will be introduced depending on your License (from FREE to PRO+), more information here : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

About the WinReducer "ES-Series" and "EX-Series" software, there will be major changes, and this will be the most important upgrade since a long time :
- the "WinReducer EX-Series" will be completely reworked : the old interface (3.x.x.x development branch)  will be replaced and upgraded to a much better GUI using the technologies of the powerful "WinReducer Dev-Core - 2024.x.x.x" software
- the "WinReducer ES-Series" support will be discontinued, so it will not be updated any more (but will be available in the official website archives only on the 3.x.x.x development branch)
- the "WinReducer EX-Series" software name will be modified : it will become the "WinReducer Series" software !
- the new "WinReducer Series" software version will be upgraded to the new official version naming : 2024.x.x.x development branch
- almost all functionalities, from 3.x.x.x development branch, will be progressively transferred to the new 2024.x.x.x development branch and new others will be introduced
- the upgrade will be done progressively : I will first introduce a "Control Center" which will be also a launcher for all "WinReducer EX-Series" software (without modifications), then progressively the "EX-Series" functionalities will be transferred to the new 2024.x.x.x development branch
- starting with the new 2024.x.x.x development branch you will only need one serial to use all "EX-Series" software

Here are the planned date for the various releases :
- "WinReducer Dev-Core - 2024.1.0.3 [ALL]" will be available on 02 January 2024
- "WinReducerOS -  2024.1.0.3 [ALL]" will be available on 05 January 2024
- "WinReducer Series - 2024.1.0.3 [ALL]" will be available on 06 January 2024

==> "WinReducer EX-Series" will receive 2 last updates before the upgrade migration process will begin : 23 and 30 December 2023 !
==> the EX-100 and EX-110 Updates Catalogs will continue to be updated : 21 and 22 December 2023 !


In 2023, I made a lot of changes to improve the website ... in 2024 there will be also a lot of modifications, see below : point 6) and 7) !


Finally, the website has found its own way ... there are a lot of amazing changes which will come soon :
- the name will become : "The WinReducer Store", see below : point 7) !
- the address will be modified to reflect this update
- the website design will be totally reworked

==> the website will start its migration on 25 December 2023, it will be under maintenance for several weeks ... in the meantime, you will have a surprise because this is the end of the year Wink


So, here is the biggest update and the improvement will be huge.

The entire "WinReducer Store", from the website, will be migrated to a new entity which will be identified by the name "The WinReducer Store" ... it will bring a new design and also few changes :
- the "LICENSE+ Area" (formerly known as "VIP Area"), from the website, will be migrated to this new "The WinReducer Store" (all VIP and LICENSE+ Areas members will be informed soon, as usual by a "VIP News" information)
- the license "EXTREME (6 months)" will become the "STARTER" license
- the license "EXTREME (12 months)" will become  the "PREMIUM" license

"The WinReducer Store" will provide you new tools to handle your "WinReducer Plugins" creations or how you share them with other users.

1 - The official "WinReducer Cloud Storage" (name may change) will be available ... with it, you will get your own storage space to download, upload, store, archive, manage and share your "WinReducer Plugins" in one place

2 - A dedicated "Official Creator" Area (name may change) which will provide you :
- an exclusive access to the most complete documentation to create your "WinReducer Plugins"
. an exclusive access to the "Official" Forum part (name may change) to share your "WinReducer Plugins" in a known environment
. an "Official Creator" ID badge (name may change), when you share your "WinReducer Plugins" in the "WinReducer Forum"
. an "Official Creator" ID badge (name may change), in the "WinReducerOS" and "WinReducer Series" software to identify your "WinReducer Plugins"

==> the website will be opened on 14 January 2024, and the functionalities will be progressively available !


For this end of year 2023, there will be a new content almost every day !  ...  and in the beginning of 2024, the long awaited changes will begin : the stability will be back, I'll be back Smile


I wish you to have a nice day and stay safe !



descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 20 December 2023 [ALL] EmptyRe: PROJECT - Status - Information - 20 December 2023 [ALL]

Thank you very much for your great work over the years. Without Winreducer I would probably have switched completely to Linux. Laughing

I wish you (and everyone else) happy holidays and a happy new year. santa rendeer

descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 20 December 2023 [ALL] EmptyRe: PROJECT - Status - Information - 20 December 2023 [ALL]

Thank you for your work. We have a saying. "A friend speaks bitterly" You had a very bad year 2023. Ex-110 is full of bugs and the updates you were promised throughout the year never arrived. I shot more than 10 hours of videos to introduce your application to people. And it went to waste because you didn't update it. You share information that you will release an update and you do not share it for 1 year. There are excessive errors, especially in Ex-110. Good luck...
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