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descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 EmptyPROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 [ALL]

Hello guys Smile

I'm very happy to share with you a very detailed announcement about the major changes for The WinReducer Project and all WinReducer Software which will be available very soon.


First, I really want to thank you all for your patience, your understanding during these long years of development, and I know it was long ... but as I already explained, I had to rework many parts of this very innovative evolution of the WinReducer Project in order to stick to the evolution of the Windows Operating System.

==> You will discover today ... and more precisely in the next weeks, months, years with all new WinReducer Software ... all innovations I was preparing to provide you the most astonishing experience to realize your customization dreams : so, if you are ready ... seat your belt to really get back the control of your Windows Operating System !



The WinReducer Project, since 2012, already proposed software solutions to customize your Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10 and 11 Operating Systems ... and it was, is and will be, always been based on the wonderful WinReducer Community reports and ideas !

With this new step in the development of the WinReducer Project, you will be able to go far beyond the existing customization limits : customize Windows before or after installation of the Operating System, add functionalities in various other application domains ... but also modify the complete behavior of Windows ... in real time !

So, we are at the beginning of major changes in term of Windows customization potential.

During these past years, I was developing, testing and creating something never seen before ... something that will break all limits you already know with similar Windows customization software (you used or already use). In fact, you can take all Windows customization software already available which are dedicated to Windows customization, modification, update, download, monitoring, multimedia, production, shell replacement, IDE ("Integrated Development Environment") ... and put their functionalities into one software instead of having to launch multiple separated software.

Yes, all new WinReducer Software are capable to do all these things and much more ... the only limit is your imagination !

Breaking all already existing customization limits was not enough for me ... so I also developed a very flexible software solution, to reach an ultimate frontier : you can entirely control what you are doing :
- use and/or create all "WinReducer Plugins" you want and/or need, the choice is yours
- nobody or nothing will choose for you what you want and/or need to do, the choice is yours
- plug or unplug the "WinReducer Plugins" you want and/or need, the choice is yours

==> Try and experiment a real "D.I.Y." (Do It Yourself) software approach even without programming languages skills : this is accessible to every users from beginners to experienced !


As already explained several times, you will be able to create all "WinReducer Plugins" you want and/or need, using the new "WinReducer Dev-Core" software.

With it, you will discover an IDE ("Integrated Development Environment") with a very easy and efficient G.U.I. ("Graphical User Interface") to help you design, create, develop and share your breathtaking user interfaces and user experiences named "WinReducer Plugins".

The new "WinReducer Dev-Core" software will be based on a WYSIWYG ("What You See is What You Get") approach, so no programming skills or lines of codes are required, it will be really fast, easy, intuitive and entirely made using your mouse.

Easy, simple and powerful, the "WinReducer Dev-Core" software is one of the most innovative software since a long time ... because this is much more than an IDE ("Integrated Development Environment") ... it will bring you to a new customization world, made of never seen and powerful options.

==> This will be accessible to every skills levels, no matter if you are beginners or experienced users, you will get all tools to achieve your customization dreams for your operating system.


The "WinReducer Dev-Core" software will also introduce an original concept for your "WinReducer Plugins" development : without programming language knowledge you will be able to choose how your "WinReducer Plugins" will work internally :
- real-time elements : created and deleted when you need these elements
- pre-created elements : all elements are created before launching the interface or the pages
- real-time and pre-created : mix both methods in the same "WinReducer Plugins"

Each one of these possibilities will have their own advantages and disadvantages :
- real-time : fast startup, less elements to create, may be slower using an older CPU than a recent CPU due to "on-demand" creation
- pre-created : slow startup, all elements are created before launching the interface or the pages, a good compromise for small size "WinReducer Plugins" with few functionalities
- real-time and pre-created : good performance compromise

==> At every steps of your "WinReducer Plugins" development, you will have the entire control of your choice using highly flexible options.


About the WinReducer "Modular User eXperience" Design, I just want to share with you my experience about it.

I'm testing this innovative window behavior, exclusively available in all WinReducer Software, since more than one year ... and this is very powerful, flexible and highly efficient ! The mouse movements are much more natural than with the default window behavior provided in Windows (titlebar, minimize, maximize, ...).

The WinReducer "Modular User eXperience" Design is highly flexible, for example with all my "WinReducer Plugins" I will share with you ... you will discover my own vision of how Windows can be upgraded in term of user experience and user interface ... of course some of you may not like it ... but this not a problem ... why ? Because you can create your own user experience and user interface with your own interaction with your mouse, shortcuts, ... to search and create a better way to use the Windows Operating System !

==> If you want to know more about it, check the official website page : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

2.e - 100% M.B.H.

Since I started to develop the WinReducer Project, my commitments to you never changed :
- all important customization functionalities are activated in the "FREE Edition"
- a registration and informative window appears at startup for the "FREE Edition"
- the installation folder is exclusively used as working directory, nothing is written in your installed system
- all WinReducer Software are 100% clean and 100% guarantee without spyware, adware, virus or embedded hidden monetization systems

Today, I'm introducing a new commitment : all WinReducer Software are 100% M.B.H. (Made By Human) !

==> All WinReducer Software are guarantee 100% made by me, winterstorm2050 ... I'm the only developer of the Project, I never used or will never use external tools (such as A.I.) to create my software.



A major modification will be introduced starting with the first alpha version of WinReducerOS.

The software named "WinReducer Series" will never be available as a dedicated software because almost all functionalities from "ES-Series" and "EX-Series" software will be merged into the "WinReducerOS" software ... in other words, you will have only two software to use :
-  "WinReducer Dev-Core" : to create your "WinReducer Plugins"
-  "WinReducerOS" : to use your "WinReducer Plugins"

==> The website will be modified in order to remove all "WinReducer Series" software references in the "Download" and "Store" pages. For the record, all valid licenses from "ES-Series" and "EX-Series" will be compatible with "WinReducerOS", more information will be provided in due time.


As already mentioned, almost all functionalities, from "ES-Series" and "EX-Series" software, will be merged into the "WinReducerOS" software, that means it will be easy to create or use all "WinReducer Plugins" you want and/or need.

So, you will have the flexibility to :
- create your own "WinReducer Plugins" for small tasks (for example : convert a wim file to an esd file or update your Windows Operating System ISO) or for bigger tasks (for example : create your own "EX-Series" software with all functionalities or components you want instead of using a wccf)
- use a "WinReducer Plugins", created by another user, for small tasks or for bigger tasks

==> I will propose my own "WinReducer Plugins" based on the "ES-Series and "EX-Series", which will be named "EX-Series" Wink (download, update and customize MS Windows installation medium)... and also other smaller or bigger "WinReducer Plugins" in various domains such as "IT-Series" (download, update and customize MS Office installation medium) and "MM-Series" (play, convert or encode music, picture and video files). And there will be even more surprises in the future Smile

3.c - x64 ONLY

Another major modification, all "WinReducer Dev-Core" and "WinReducerOS" versions will support exclusively all x64 operating systems architecture. I will not provide x86 versions any more.


This is rectification of what I previously announced, in the Forum, you will be able to share your "WinReducer Plugins" with a dedicated storage space which will be 5 Mb (and not 10Mb) for each member in this Forum category :[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

==> The Forum has been already modified in order to reflect this modification.


- 01 August 2023 : "WinReducerOS - v2023.1.0.3" [alpha]
- 01 September 2023 : "WinReducer Dev-Core - v2023.1.0.3" [alpha]

==> Do not hope too much with these first versions, they will be in an alpha stage. The purpose will be to test them in your various computer environments and configurations. They will embed only few options, and the "Plugins" launcher will be available after the release (no ETA yet). I will create some "WinReducer Plugins" in August/September 2023 to validate the alpha stage and quickly move to the beta stage on 01 October 2023.


The WinReducer "ES-Series" and "EX-Series" will be available until all their functionalities will be migrated to "WinReducer Dev-Core" and "WinReducerOS".


There are still changes to do, but the most important is already available ... you will discover in the future many resources, howtos to help you use your new WinReducer Software ... as well as my official "WinReducer Plugins".


There will be many changes in the coming days to stick to The WinReducer Project new design, you already discovered in the website and the forum.


Unfortunately, the status of the website and forum is still frozen ... so at this point the Website and Forum are the only official sources for information about The WinReducer Project.

I'm sorry about this situation and I will continue to inform you about the evolution and all potential changes.


I  really want to congratulate you if you finally read these lasts lines ... but I would like to send you a big THANK YOU to all of you for your patience and your respect during these long months, I'm doing my best to provide you the most wonderful and innovative experience for our Windows customization passion !

I wish you to have a nice day and stay safe !



descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 EmptyThanks for the latest info!

Appreciate the status update! - also the updated info on usage and potential - very interesting and look forward to seeing the general function(s) with the alpha release.

I like how the elements of WR are combining together so to speak, within the description - such as in effect of having WR like an AIO source instead of using "separate tools", further "creation" options along with the "plugin" or modular approach, and in real definitely an interesting move from the traditional WIM image edits that's for sure. Wink 

Congrats on the progress this far - meanwhile take care!

descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 EmptyRe: PROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 [ALL]

"quickly move to the beta stage on 01 October 2023" ha-ha ) its not about u... quickly

descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 EmptyRe: PROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 [ALL]

And those of us who have winreducer ex licenses will be migrated to winreducer os or the software for windows 11 will be updated 23h2

descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 EmptyRe: PROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 [ALL]

Thank you very much for winreducer.
After i downloaded the winreducer and after compare it with ntlite, i finally came to the simple conclusion that ntlite is the best in everything as in (clean and intuitive design, simplicity, functionality, productivity, power, speed and many pro ideas, ntlite is just easy, fast and the best).

Sadly winreducer or winreduceros or whatever mess name program they are all such a mess in design and mostly made by a kid name winterstorm ?! what kind of author is that not using his real name btw.
But resuming i want to thank winreducer for making me discover alternative like ntlite, ntlite that i have bought recently with 5 other friends of mine.

Keep up the good work and by this, that mess of software you will send more customers to ntlite.

ps. winreducer is not digital signed with a valid certificate, where ntlite it is signed with a valid digital certificate make it most trusted !

descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 EmptyRe: PROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 [ALL]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] please stop hating for nothing, keep your opinion to yourself. ntlite, like winreducer, are mediocre applications that do their job. the problem with winreducer is that there is only one non-serious developer. for example 23h2 is not supported even today.

descriptionPROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 EmptyRe: PROJECT - Status - Information - 25 July 2023 [ALL]

gurureducer wrote:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] please stop hating for nothing, keep your opinion to yourself. ntlite, like winreducer, are mediocre applications that do their job. the problem with winreducer is that there is only one non-serious developer. for example 23h2 is not supported even today.

ntlight updates are released 1-2 times a, over the past 5 years, nothing adequate has been released, except promises that life will be better tomorrow. People are tired of his empty promises that will soon grow out of years into decades))))so the man wrote the truth. if you really have colitis in your eyes, why don't you stop expressing your opinion? maybe someone doesn't really need it either
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