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descriptionHAPPY NEW YEAR - 2023 EmptyHAPPY NEW YEAR - 2023

Hello guys I love you


I'm sending you, all my best wishes for this new year, with success in both your personal life and also professional life ... of course, a great health !

Oh, oh ...  I also wish that my voice will be heard by all world leaders = STOP ALL TROUBLES IN THE WORLD (wars, diseases, starvation, global warming, ...), YOU ALL HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS FUTURE GENERATIONS OF HUMANS ... DO NOT REPRODUCE THE PAST MISTAKES ... YOU MUST LEARN FROM THE WORLD HISTORY !

Please, invest in disease researches not in wars ... provide happiness not grief ... there are people who are suffering !


santa  I love you   santa


==> and guys if you have time tomorrow Wink ... do not miss my "WinReducer Project - Status Information" on 01 January 2023  bounce


descriptionHAPPY NEW YEAR - 2023 EmptyRe: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2023

Thanks! Also same to you and family

descriptionHAPPY NEW YEAR - 2023 EmptyRe: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2023

I wish you a healthy and peaceful year. When do you plan to release an updated version for the Winreducer Ex series? And there are menus related to the Ex series that I can't figure out. Can you share an informative video? Thank you very much for your hard work...

descriptionHAPPY NEW YEAR - 2023 EmptyRe: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2023

Hello deli_petro06,

Thanks Smile

About all actual EX-Series software (EX-70, EX-80, EX-81, EX-100 and EX-110) as well as all actual ES-Series software (ES - File Validator, ES - Logo Changer, ES- Wim Converter and ES - Wlan B&R) this is extremely simple !

In few weeks, instead of having 9 different software in these two software series, there will be only one software named "WinReducer Series" in which you will be able to load "WinReducer Plugins" with an unlimited potential for your Windows customization process :
- use the same functionalities as usual but also even more new features, functionalities and options
- load "WinReducer Plugins" in the "WinReducer Series" software ... those I will create ... but also other WinReducer Users Plugins or the ones you will create ... using the new development software named : "WinReducer Dev-Core"

So, during the next months, there will be a lot of changes and improvements ... and YES, the names EX-Series and ES-Series will be kept to regroup almost all depending functionalities ... but unfortunately, at least for the moment, all my development time is spent on the new "WinReducer Dev-Core" software ... so, the new versions for the actual software are standing by further development ... but please be patient, because this will be a very interesting adventure for you, me and all WinReducer Users !

I hope this will help you Smile
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