Hello guys,

The new WinReducer Store is fully functional with the new licenses activated ! (except the Professional license which will be available for the end the year 2022)

So, you can get your freshly new license(s) to contribute to the WinReducer Project !

The WinReducer Store evolves with a procedure in 2 steps :
- 1 / 2 - Choose your license
- 2 / 2 - Choose your software
==> this is simple and very easy to use

Once your choice is done, the payment procedure is still the same ... nothing changed !

After your payment, you will get 2 download links (available 30 days) ... 1 for the software zip package and 1 for the official wallpaper for your license !

==> caution : all downloads links (in product pages) are not available and will be added in one or two days, when I will release the ES-Series and EX-Series updated software ... in the meantime, you will receive all instructions with your serial numbers. Thank you very much for your understanding.
==> I will update this discussion when the products downloads will be available

So, thank you very much to continue to contribute to the WinReducer Project ... because there are very very interesting new things which are coming in the next months and they will be also very innovative for our customization passion !

Very Happy