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descriptionOptimizations - Expert - WinSXS Folder Cleanup (install.wim) EmptyOptimizations - Expert - WinSXS Folder Cleanup (install.wim)

firstly a lot of thanks to the developers of the awesome winreducer and their huge efforts to avoid and bugs
while leaving all options opened for free

this is for the users of the option ''Optimizations - Expert - WinSXS Folder Cleanup (install.wim)''
i know that it will break windows updates and i'm ok with that
what i want to know what else will it break
will it break some softwares functionalities (i tested MSoffice 2010 and photoshop C8 and they are working fine)
i want to know will it break some games functionalities
i know that alot of people use it and are experienced with it that's why i'm asking
i'm sure that someone can give more info about what bugs it might cause
atleast more info than what's is written in the Winreducer note
i know that i can't test everything that's why i'm asking so i can know what people have done without any problems or bugs because of removing WinSXS folder

and have a nice day! Very Happy

descriptionOptimizations - Expert - WinSXS Folder Cleanup (install.wim) EmptyRe: Optimizations - Expert - WinSXS Folder Cleanup (install.wim)

It may cause Windows Update to prompt an error for some patches, as the error is that the Feature Experience Pack does not finish updating properly, while other updates have no problem.
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