Hi @Winter 
This is more of a feature request in Winreducer for Win 10 & 11
I was just wondering if you could find a way to enable / disable fully transparent taskbar (instead of default translucent ) in your next version of Winreducer? 
Is it possible to enable this feature natively in Win 11? 
I know 3rd party apps like TranslucentTB app and TaskbarTools can do it, so there must be a native way of doing the same too. May be you can include this feature as enabling / disabling transparency in steps (as a Win 7 style slider or as user input defined custom percentage style), also may be we can find a way to apply it to entire window on screen something like this?

Call me obsessed, but I confess, it still look beautiful to my eyes, I am still in love with transparent theme that Windows 7 introduced us to.

This will be another great feature in your long list of goodies you offer in your powerful customization tool.

Cheers   Smile Smile