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descriptionNetwork icon missing EmptyNetwork icon missing

[EX-100 - v3.1.0.0] network missing. I did a windows 10 1909 pro lite and tested on vmware ,i remove most of the component.The network tab i remove onedrive,edge and internet explorer What option i have to uncheck? this is my wccf file:

Network icon missing OOBE-Connect-Network

descriptionNetwork icon missing EmptyRe: Network icon missing

Hi son123

 If You remove
   in  Control Panel  -  Network and Sharing Center = no network icon in Control Panel
   in  Control Panel  -  Network and Sharing Center (Files) = No Network
   in Services   -   Windows Connection Manager Service =  No Network & Internet Settings onto the taskbar
 And if You have no network driver You have no network, Below are the most important network drivers.
    Network - Ethernet - Intel
    Network - Ethernet - Microsoft
    Network - Ethernet - Rivet Networks
if all this is not working ,then You might have some special network
You can control this with  Aida 64 or analog program

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