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descriptionEmpty Tab EmptyEmpty Tab


I see empty tabs for Features, Remover and Services.

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Hello deVilbaT,

This is a "v0.1.1.0 [ALL] [Alpha]" with a limited number of components ... especially without the components to remove.

This is intended to be used, like all alpha versions since the beginning of the WinReducer Project, to review all available components and report all potential bugs in the dedicated WinReducer EX-110 Forum section.

The number of components, to remove, will increase progressively during the next weeks, because I need to check them one by one ... this alpha period will be much more shorter than the one for EX-100 Wink

The beta status should be reached shortly.


descriptionEmpty Tab EmptyRe: Empty Tab

Oh I see. I thought it was some kind of mistake. Silly me. Thanks for the information, regards.
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