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descriptionsysprep and some auto clean problem Emptysysprep and some auto clean problem

hi, i was making lite build for personal use, spend hours to make with win reducer, then i try to add software but with sysprep i got error while i try to save, then again i have installed softwares on untouched iso and then make it lite with win reducer the probelm is, win reducer is clearing the registery keys,and also removed pre activated window i dont know which option i have to diselect to keep registery keys or other setting of software, i just want to remove some bloatware,

descriptionsysprep and some auto clean problem EmptyRe: sysprep and some auto clean problem

Dear nakhru,

as you did not provide your config, we can unfortunately only give you a general advice -  sysprep is very sensitive if you remove Windows Features (e.g. Windows Media Player, .Net Framework etc.). So please always check first if you have your protections on (second tab of winreducer) and then only remove stuff apart from the windows features.

Best regards,
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