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descriptionEx-100-v3.0.0.0 (21H1) cannot integrate kb5005565 EmptyEx-100-v3.0.0.0 (21H1) cannot integrate kb5005565

Hi the integration of kb5005565 fails

descriptionEx-100-v3.0.0.0 (21H1) cannot integrate kb5005565 EmptyRe: Ex-100-v3.0.0.0 (21H1) cannot integrate kb5005565

Hello Jpm Smile

Thanks for the report ... I investigated this issue since few days (reason of the delay for the vip version) ... and finally managed to solve it (current EX-100 status = OK).

This is a known issue in the official KB5005565 update history ... I have seen reports about many people impacted by the integration of the SSU in the LCU which refused to be integrated even in an installed operating system. The MS answer, about this is, : execute an in-place upgrade (?!?) ... and this is a known since the last LCU from June 2021.

In fact, this is the same trouble we discussed a long time ago, about the LCU and SSU installation order ... even MS didn't respect the correct order which was the source of a lot of LCU installation troubles.

About EX-100, this issue will be solved in v3.0.0.1[VIP] (release today 18 Sept.) and v3.0.1.0[ALL] (release on Monday 20 Sept.)

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