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descriptionEndless error loop  EmptyEndless error loop

Hello, I have a very big problem. I have created a new ISO and I cannot select the language when installing. The installation stops beforehand and then runs in an endless loop with an error screen, although no specific error is described.

The following screen comes up. Endless error loop  Img_0010

Why did my PC restart? Your PC is not yet ready for use due to a problem, but it could work again after an update. How to get the update. 1. Make sure your PC is connected. 2. If the PC is using a Wi-Fi connection, select Next to follow the instructions to connect to a Wi-Fi network. 3. If this PC is not using a Wi-Fi connection, connect a network cable to connect to a wired network and select Next. 4. After you are connected, select Next. The update will then be installed.

However, this error message only comes when I configure the services in Winreducer. If I do not configure any services, the installation runs as normal.

Does anyone know what that could be? Or does one know? I would be very grateful to you for that.

descriptionEndless error loop  EmptyRe: Endless error loop

can nobody help?

descriptionEndless error loop  EmptyRe: Endless error loop

Hi Sjofun,

can you please tell us which services you configure and if you have any protections on. Alternatively your *.wccf would be very helpful!

Best regards,
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