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descriptionPlease suggest the best choice for me.. EmptyPlease suggest the best choice for me..

Hi Winterstorm,

I am writing this post after a very long time.. couple of years may be..

I revisited this site to download the latest build of Winreducer, and checkout what ese is new here. While working on an officially downloaded and converted from uup dump iso<19043.867.210305-0218.21H1_RELEASE_SVC_PROD1_CLIENTCORE_OEMRET_X64FRE_EN-US>, I thought of visiting your website to see if I could find a readymade wccf file.

And bingo!!! I found your readymade wccf for ex-100.

While, I am most surely very impressed with your amazing hard work.

I do have some questions.

I downloaded Laptop (Security+Edge+Store) (Normal), and started working on it.

I need to reduce my Windows 10 installation for specific purpose at my work.

I work for a multinational in IT helpdesk, and My work requirement needs me to 
1. work on company portal, online tools, deeply integrated and powered by Office 365 tools requiring login id and password and Microsoft Authenticator android app.  Will I be able to work if I just install a firefox/chrome or any of another compatible browser?
2. As a part of job, my office uses MS Teams for internal communication purpose (group chat/chatroom, meetings, remote screen sharing, audio / video presentation, Will I be able to install MS Teams and work normally, without any loss in functiioanlity?
3. I also need to work on Bomgar remote access tool which I need to download and install on my machine to use it as a part of my job.
3. I also need to install and use Cisco IP Communicator and Cisco Anyconnect to connect to VPN network in order to connect to my office network.
4. Now, I want to install this new Winreduced build on VMWare Workstation Pro preferably, but if that doesn't work, then on a physical machine. So, build needs to run as lightly as it could

My current physical machine is Acer Nitro 5 laptop with Ryzen 5 2500U processor, 24GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, 128 GB SSD (Exclusively for default Win10 came preinstalled), Radeon 560X dedicated graphics card apart from inbuilt Vega 8 graphics chip.

Now, Please tell me which wccf is best to suit my needs? Is your Laptop (Security+Edge+Store) (Normal) suitable to needs? If some changes are requied then, please suggest what changes to be made in existing wccf file??

Thank you again for your amazing work.
Please suggest

descriptionPlease suggest the best choice for me.. EmptyRe: Please suggest the best choice for me..

check out my configs here
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