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descriptionHelp slimming Win 10 1909 21h1 EmptyHelp slimming Win 10 1909 21h1

I'm fresh here but have been using WinReducen 7 an 10 in the past to edit windows editions, as for current I'm still using mainly Windows 7 sp1 with simplix then NTLited and Winreducer used further and all drivers integrated, works sweet system is light and fast.
But I'm aware that this is slowly coming to an end unfortunately. More and more games require windows 10, some still run in Windows 7 but as I have been testing for example "Cyberpunk 2077" crashes in windows 7 a lot but not in windows 10.
I have been searching for a ready presets to slim down windows 10 from 1909 to 21H1, have found here some interesting presets but unfortunate they do not work on my machine, even after ALL the drivers being integrated into install.wim either Im getting infinite reboot or blue screen with a dot in the middle and stuck, safe mode not working either, as it says installation is not complete and cannot continue in safe mode. Forgot to mention that OOBE has been fully configured to unattended but still no luck, must have done at least 10 tries a day, getting really tired of having constant failures, maybe someone would be able to help me here? Windows 7 slimming is so easy and straight forward, and does not really fails at all, but 10 its a different story.
My perfect 10 does not need much, Firewall and windows firewall control compatibility, Cyberpunk 2077 and Escape from Tarkov compatibility.
The versions before 1903 had some strange issue on my machine that causes screen to blink like refresh rate was at 25hz even if it was set in NV CPL to 144hz and g-sync.

The presets here I have tried them all without success using WR
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The only thing I've tried to reconfigure was firewall compatibility but always stuck somewhere.
Thanks to everyone who has the time to read and will to help

descriptionHelp slimming Win 10 1909 21h1 EmptyRe: Help slimming Win 10 1909 21h1

I can relate to the frustration(s) of the trial and error approach to slimming W10 down to a sort of W7 "comfort zone" environment - is possible, but yet quite different in editing W10 it being all the more different in linked elements opposed to W7.

And good point on the unfortunate requirements needed to pursue higher end media or gaming (cyberpunk2077) - will definitely have to be a compromise on the OS for compatibility.

As for the editing or slimming techniques - be sure to go through the forum as I found similar answers to - and grab the tips on both the do's and don'ts of what to remove and keep.  Some of the OS elements are directly linked to one another, so if one removed other(s) fail - and of course can cause a immediate install crash/fail or post boot fail scenario.

Members have posted the findings of which elements to keep vs remove - or even pointers within change log notes to be very helpful in avoiding a lot of install failures if not also conflicting driver issues.

However I do have a few notes I kept from some findings in the 20H1 issues - a few points that worked out for me on my end - with thanks and credit to winter and/or forum members.  Personally I have paused W10 editing for a bit - but hope this helps out in some way or sheds some light on where to go from here to more current solutions.

Lastly - for driver integration(s) - May can try integration of needed drivers into the boot.wim also besides the install.wim alone.

This is past older notes that may have already had solutions(s) applied - but can serve as pointers to try & search for within the forum for any current corrections or fixes

note of Windows 10 v2004 20H1

1. OneDrive (Network Feature)
If selecting this for removal - Select the OneDrive Main File, and the OneDrive (Online Backup) File - but...DO NOT select the OneDrive (Files on Demand) Leave this one as-is - or else will result in shortcut links such as the context shortcut to display settings, plus the start menu System Settings that contain display, sound, etc. to crash and fail.

2. Search Bar errors after removing Cortana from Modern UI
Until a further fix is found - it is either to keep both, or remove both - leaving one or the other will result in further links broken (such as search will not jump to results) or also prevent full driver installs upon a post boot into OS.

3. Language Options
Languages were appended with additional "National Language Support" options for each region. Plus a stand-alone Language Support Controller at top of the list.
If all are removed  - then OS install will fail and go to a notice screen of a NLS Data error. Recovery options are given but none will function.
If leaving the Language Support Controller as is, along with the specific National Language Support option - then will cause a Loop-Boot issue when going through install.
Currently - best to leave Languages in tact - also for now helps to leave the keyboard regions in full - as found to stop the install errors altogether and post boot into OS completes.

Final Edit Build Test - Successful - Basic OS with all main features removed:
Removals include: Microsoft Edge, Windows Media Player, OneDrive, Cortana, Search Bar, Windows Defender, Security Center, Notification Center, Media Center
All drivers, settings, shortcuts, start menu options function in full.
Windows Update set as manual
Further applications for media & security can be installed and operate independent of the OS monitoring controls.
Further manual tweaks applied in enhancing OS & hardware performance.

descriptionHelp slimming Win 10 1909 21h1 EmptyRe: Help slimming Win 10 1909 21h1

Thanks for your reply
Yes I have been searching trough the forum and found some interesting info there that put me into position leaving 20H1 and 21H1 behind possibly to component dependency issues, now reverted to 1903 where I manage install of a size 4.64 including all drivers and using nvidia control panel as portable instead as store is not working but in the end never liked win store only needed nvcpl but it works fine if you simply copy it from another win 10 copy.
Also managed here to have all of my required software working like "Cyberpunk 2077" "Escape from Tarkov" "Starcraft 2" Steam Epic and so on, the only problem I have is "windows firewall control" even when keeping windows firewall and services that little program fails to work, but I think that's is due to net.framework slimming as firewall on its own works fine, but I could be wrong here too.
As for now I decided to pause editing for a while now possibly as becoming a parent very recently requires lots of time, + versions 20h1 and later are even more problematic, I'm guessing here MS trying to make all of the components depend on each other, and that will put a break on people that wish to have custom personalized bloatware and telemetry free OS that is stable and require less resources to run. But even paused on editing I will keep an eye on the topics here and be taking notes, maybe someday I will manage to make near perfect W10 edition.
Thanks for help and info!

descriptionHelp slimming Win 10 1909 21h1 EmptyRe: Help slimming Win 10 1909 21h1

Ok I see then - I have been with Radeon for quite a while (has it's own issues too) so haven't dealt with the Nvidia controls - but can see how the workarounds you mentioned can work for time being.  Not a 100% sure on the firewall controls but sounds definitely related toward a broken link - the .net framework could play a part of that.

Am 100% sure on the bloatware and telemetry though! - agree there - way too much. A basic OS with securities and ONLY needed or wanted elements always a plus.  I keep a lot of portable options on hand also which helps out.

Hang in there - a solution will present itself though - and good luck with narrowing it down.  Of course there is always the upcoming Windows 11 to contend with - and so it goes, another round of efforts to contend with.

Or maybe....Linux? - few that are working well with windows apps and steam.

Take care

descriptionHelp slimming Win 10 1909 21h1 EmptyRe: Help slimming Win 10 1909 21h1

Yeah linux sound as an option windows 11 sounds too soon for me, I only make move when I need to and windows 10 as for now I'm being forced to use is as I love Win7 properly edited iso is amazing system. As of current I've always enjoyed experimenting with systems, not just 7 or 10 but linux too, currently running quad boot win 7 full win10, one win10 lite and kali linux, tested also stemos in past, I hope the development of them would be a bit more serious, but it seems MS has been really working on forcing itself on to users, for example in my area in UK its not possible to buy a laptop without any other system than 10, I tried to get one without the system at all so I could make the choice myself.... impossible, I remember the good old days when XP was still a decent system to use, nlited iso back then had 280mb maybe 290-300 with all drivers... now systems whey so much.
I hope users will continue to look for workarounds in the windows section but also hope that free linux distros get better support mainly for gaming, as in my opinion in everything else it wins with any windows only lacks in gaming, of course different options for different user and so many of them there.
I will keep checking up here for updates, I'm sure some bright minds will find someways to improve win10 editing just need more time.
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