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descriptionGorstak's Winreducer EX-100 Preset EmptyGorstak's Winreducer EX-100 Preset

The objective to create this preset was to have a minimum size iso, with working stuff I regulary use. 
I used winterstorm and mackyreddy presets as basis.
I hate when I try to run something and it doesn't work because I removed a dependency by removing something else, and unfortunately it is unavoidable, and some stuff will always fail to work, but, I've done my best with your average gamer and web surfer in mind.
Store should work, so if anyone wants to play Roblox, feel free to do so. You can also download any store app you want.
Powershell is also kept.
I removed both Edge and IE, so you will need an installer for some browser (regular ms edge setup.exe works, aswell as chrome setup.exe and firefox setup.exe).
Network drivers are mostly untouched, and you should be able to connect online out of the box whether you are using a 3g modem, wifi card, or realtek or intel lan card (99% of new motherboards come with one of those). I also kept Atheros, for some older devices compatibility.
I also kept all keyboard layouts since I do not know which one you need, you can remove the ones you do not need manually to further reduce iso size.
Removing EN-US language (not keyboard layout) will break your install and windows will fail to install no matter which other language your iso is in.
Paint and Notepad and regular administrative tools are kept, as well as activation window, if you need to type in a key.
Your drivers download capability is also kept. Your gpu drivers should download and install automatically as is the case with default windows iso.
Note that I removed secondary logon and workstation services, which are required for battlenet installer, but since they actually use those services for snooping on their users, I decided to remove it. Fuck Blizzard.
Bluetooth should work, any of your bt headphones or speakers can be used, and I also kept requirements for connecting your phone.
Printer service by default accepts incoming connections from the internet, so it is disabled by default, you can reenable it if you use a printer.
CMD will work and is also a requirement by Winreducer for some post install tweaks. I recommend you don't registry disable it, as it may cause windows installation to fail.
You wont be able to sign in to Microsoft, so I recommend adding a autounatted.xml file with precreated users (also doable through winreducer tab).
The sxs folder compression is express16k and not lzx since I noticed compression is better this way in terms of resulting file size.
That's all I can think of atm. Cheers!

Link to preset file (v5)

descriptionGorstak's Winreducer EX-100 Preset EmptyRe: Gorstak's Winreducer EX-100 Preset

Tryed to download with 3 different browser something seems wrong, because download wont work
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