Hello everyone

I managed to stop updates, but with problems. I have my reasons so please do not ask why, why and why. Are important, I know, but I still don't want them. Now to my problem.

After I created the ISO and cleaned out something, it worked. But. Apparently something, or rather something, was hacked out of the registry. In Winreducer, in Design with the power options, which I have set for the context menu. The power options did not work, although they always work. On the other hand, almost the entire context menu was gone.

The current version of Winreducer has the template editor. Now my question. Would it be possible for me to create a WCCF that I can insert where I only need to add my theme?

The following would have to be changed.

- remove all languages ​​except German
- remove all keyboard layouts except for German
- Remove / deactivate Cortana
- Remove / deactivate Defender (use my own software, as the Defender also sees changes to the hosts file as a threat and blocks the hosts as a result)
- Remove XBOX services (these are not required)
- Remove Microsoft Store
- Deactivate Windows Update Service and Windows Update Medic Service
- Deactivate Windows Defender service
- Deactivate Cortana service
- remove the following Modern UI apps
-> all Bing
-> Microsoft Edge
-> Office Hub
-> OneNote
-> Retail demo
-> Solitaire Collection
-> Windows feedback?
-> Windows Defender?
-> Windows Store?
-> Windows Store (Purchase APP)
-> all XBOX
-> all Zune

This is how I would imagine it, but except for the things mentioned above that I would change, the rest is like the original. I hope you can help me with that. I ask, since I do not know how to set it in Winreducer under the item templates and end, that only the things that I would like to have changed, only these are changed.

Thank you in advance and have a nice week.