Hi Guys

Is there any Winreducer version that can winreduce windows10 v10074 without errors when downloading the software
and without errors when processing this windows. I have tried a lot of versions and none is able to winreduce windows10 v10074
windows10 v10074 is an early version without policyware an only little spyware.
Recent windows 10 should be investigated and taken  down.
install Registrar registry manager and  open the windows registy ,investigate and you will see it all.

Windows was a good operating system untill now with Windows 10.
The problem with Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 will be to get drivers for the new CPU & other hardware.
As windows 10 is going to continu like they do, then the early version : windows10 v10074 , is the only option
to get  drivers directly from  Intel ,AMD etc and stay safe and get programs working.

The other solution is to switch to Linux and loose a lot of software capabilities 
I am really a fan of Windows, but not of Windows 10 like it is now.