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The bad news is that  has the same bug as  all earlier Winreducer versions  2.4 .
The good news is that this is only a very tiny bug and that i discovered why.
Setting are not displaying anything  when Microsoft Accounts Control is removed and the iso got cleaned.
There must be a leftover  when Microsoft Accounts Control is removed  and this is removed with cleaning
the iso with as result not displaying anything in settings.
Winterstorm can surely fix this.
And sorry Winterstorm,i tought this was a very big bug, but i was wrong, sorry !
I took me many isos to Winrduce in order to find out this bug.
 All the post about this can be closed 


descriptionBug Winreducer EmptyRe: Bug Winreducer

Icy contacted me that he got no problems and all his thread can be closed.

@Icy if you experience the same problem just open a new thread. Thanks
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