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descriptionWIll Not Add Updates EmptyWIll Not Add Updates

im on EX-70 the lastest version.  I have added several Windows Updates (about 10) to the folder C:\Users\xxxx\Downloads\winreducerex70_x64\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\x64\Updates and apply the rest of my settings.  when WR makes the ISO, i can see the wording "Updates" on the dialog box but it quickly changes to another process, meaning it skips over the updates (none installed)

is there additional settings, do I need to have a certain "service" enabled to have updates installed?  thanks alot for any guidance

also... after the Win7 installation finishes, i dont see the "installed Updates" in Windows...

descriptionWIll Not Add Updates EmptyRe: WIll Not Add Updates

Hello ilcaa72,

You need to execute 2 actions :
1 - Put all your updates in the folder updates (you already done this)
2 - in EX-70 interface, got to "System" tab, then choose the option named "Updates" to define the folder where you put your updates ... just click on "..." button, then hit the OK button, without changing the default folder.


descriptionWIll Not Add Updates EmptyRe: WIll Not Add Updates

thanks, your right. What i was doing is copying and pasting the directory location into the window without selecting it via the 3dots... after i selected the directory using the 3dots it worked. thanks alot
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