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descriptiontests for edited windows imgs Emptytests for edited windows imgs

i have made my own edited windows iso and installed it
everything is working fine with no errors
i tested everything i know like playing games installing some programs
there is other things i have to do to know if there is problems in it or not so i can know if there is something i broke
i just wish someone could tell me afew things to do on the windows that would show if there is errors somewhere or broken stuff
PS:i have done edits with 4 programs(NTLite,Wintoolkit,MSMG,Winreducer)
PSS:win10 Enterprise 64
Thanks in advance

descriptiontests for edited windows imgs EmptyRe: tests for edited windows imgs

My friend if the iso works for you and you can do everything you normally do with your windows installation
then everything is ok. You can't possibly test absolutely everything if it works (and you should not because
some things you will never use them)
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