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descriptionWin10_20H2_English_x64.iso EmptyWin10_20H2_English_x64.iso

Win10_20H2_English_x64.iso 6,155,782,144 10/21/2020 20:45 -a-- is available  for download

Winreduced it with same items as   Win10_2004_English_x64.iso 5,268,953,088 07/25/2020 13:13 -a--

Results  for both ,no updates & no clening  ,no updates available for  W10 2004H2 

H2  2004H2-Home-Stage1-Slimmed.iso 3,085,414,400 10/21/2020 23:38 -a-- Winreducer v
H1  2004H1-Home-Stage1-Slimmed.iso 1,876,969,472 10/06/2020 21:13 -a-- Winreducer v


descriptionWin10_20H2_English_x64.iso EmptyRe: Win10_20H2_English_x64.iso

I just installed this Winreduced iso, not a single problem

On the desktop is just ome icon more : Microsoft Edge and it works

As long as this Windows  version  is not Winreduced  at about the size of Win 10 2004 H1,, i will not use it

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