I just want to share some inputs which i have encountered with you guys.

For folks using AutoUnattended.xml with Administrator as user with slimmed down OS'es there is no problem but with users who want name their PC's OOBE(setup process) will be broken.

So people who are creating their own customized slimmed down OS'es and want to name their PC's make sure they don't delete these files.

1. In Windows in Globalization folder under ICU folder don't delete icudtl.dat

2. In Windows under System Apps don't delete Cloudexperiencehost folder

3. In System32 WinMetaData folder don't delete the following files:

1. Windows.ApplicationModel.winmd

2. Windows.Devices.winmd

3. Windows.Foundation.winmd

4. Windows.Globalization.winmd

5. Windows.Networking.winmd

6. Windows.Security.winmd

7. Windows.Storage.winmd

8. Windows.System.winmd

9. Windows.UI.winmd

10. Windows.Web.winmd