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descriptionA Few Trivial Problems EmptyA Few Trivial Problems

Hi guys,

I'm consistently having an issue where "there are currently no power options available" comes up from the power button on the Start Menu. I really don't see anything in the Settings or Tweaks that might have caused this. I am not protecting ModernUI Apps. Is this just the inevitable result of using Optimizations (ie things breaking)? Or am I missing something somewhere? Any suggestions where to look would be appreciated.

Secondly, is it possible (in general terms) that removing fonts/languages can prevent a program from installing in the new build? Sounds silly, but I have a few programs where the Install GUI simply shuts down part way through, the only thing I can narrow it down to is leaving the fonts/languages alone during the Remove process. I've also noticed that removing some (essential?) fonts will cause failure in the second boot during Install.

Lastly, one program I have will not install due to "ngen.exe" missing. I assume this is the result of .net framework cleanup? Is this an insurmountable problem?

Thanks for any help, I'm having more success with this software now but still some frustrating issues.

Also, wanted to point out to anyone using Nvidia graphics - if you want to use the Nvidia Control Panel (which you certainly do if you've spent hundreds on a good Nvidia card), then you MUST keep Microsoft Store. You can install the (previously downloaded) drivers yourself (having disconnected from the internet), and it's fine, but if you wait and leave it for the automatic driver download, the Control Panel will NOT be installed unless you've kept Store on your build (due to an arrangement with Microsoft, it turns out). But you can get rid of Store after and the Control Panel will remain.

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descriptionA Few Trivial Problems EmptyRe: A Few Trivial Problems

Hello Crack Dog Smile

1 - about power options : have you removed "Drivers - Support - Battery" and/or "Multimedia - Battery Meter" and/or "Control Panel - Power Options" and/or "Control Panel - Power Options (Files)" ?

2 - about fonts : it can create some unwanted behavior (lack of characters, lack of text, ...), here is my own list of fonts I never remove :
- "Fonts - Arial"
- "Fonts - Consolas"
- "Fonts - Marlett"
- "Fonts - MS Gothic"
- "Fonts - Segoe MDL2 Assets"
- "Fonts - Segoe UI Emoji"
- "Fonts - Segoe UI Symbol"
==> possibly more are needed for specific software.

3 - probably you need to keep net framework to avoid such problem ... there are some components like net framework which is massively used by a lot of software ... I've planned to propose an option which will solve this but there is no ETA yet and it will be available in a future v3.x.x.x Wink

4 -WinReducer is a very powerful tool but you need to get some experience about how and which components to remove ... for example, in my computer after all these years of tests, I have a working extreme wccf which is working with all new windows editions and it is compatible with my usage.

Have a good day !

descriptionA Few Trivial Problems EmptyRe: A Few Trivial Problems

Thank you! Yes, I checked and did not remove any of those four items relating to Power. Most likely just broken because I did not Protect Modern UI Apps. Settings also doesn't display at all but it doesn't matter.

So far only the one (old) program does not work because of the lack of ngen.exe, otherwise I've tested dozens of my usual programs and all is fine even with the NET cleanups enabled/removed.

The only thing I wish is that there were a way to add or change only ONE item or option, and then test if that works, without going through the whole process again, which can take up to 20 minutes even at Insane speed. But that's just the way it works I guess. So far very pleased with what I've been able to accomplish, a very powerful tool indeed! 1.8 GB install size, only 52 MB left in the WinSXS folder and everything works perfectly Smile

descriptionA Few Trivial Problems EmptyRe: A Few Trivial Problems

Hi Crack Dog
You can always  make an iso that includes the item to remove
then You just use that iso you created to remove that item and see the results,
that is how i do it

descriptionA Few Trivial Problems EmptyRe: A Few Trivial Problems

Thanks! I was afraid to try that, but it certainly makes things faster (and easier to see what you've already done).
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