i want to have a windows super lite for games, with a super lite system with minimal process running.
but i want to use Text Editor sometimes with Copy&Paste, print PDFs, browse webpages, make downloads, use torrent, unzip files, and maybe use Video Editors. use to Study, watch lives from School in Zoom program,
run emulators(maybe Wii emulator with sensor bar), use a Bluetooth controller, and try to run some old games from the era of windows 98/95.

but all that plugged via hdmi on a Smart TV as monitor.
so i dont need the part of windows made for Tablet, dont need the mobile parts made to phone calls, contacts, dont need the part made for servers, remote acess, no need to anti virus and anti malware, no push notifications, no need to help files and help pages, no need to search and cortana, no need to image editors(i made this on cellphone), no need to screensavers and themes and backgrounds images, no need to system sounds, no need to make photos with camera(the PC is stuck on a TV, remember),
and all other unnecessary features for mobile use for example. just a home use, main focus on Games, every plus framerate matters. Second use to Study.

i saw a project named 'Ghost Spectre Super Lite' that seems good for games, but it dont have Copy&Paste, and i want to use Text Editor sometimes.

my setup will be a AMD processor(R5 1600AF), and a gpu NVIDIA 1660 or AMD 5600XT, 16GB ram, ssd, motherboard a320 or b350.
sorry for any bad english, is not my primary language.