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I have a question about the Win10 updates. Which settings do I have to make if I want to override the complete update function and still be able to install my own drivers manually?

I know updates are important for a lot, but I have problems with them. Starting with 100% hard disk utilization, to spontaneous reboots while working, to destroyed multiboot systems. However, since I've been using it for years without updates, no matter which operating system and I've never had any problems, I would like to continue to do so. Windows 10 Pro version 1709 is used because there many options for bypassing the update function have not yet been changed.

I am very grateful for information and tips

Best regards


descriptionWindows 10 Updates EmptyRe: Windows 10 Updates

Hi Sjofun

Removing the services below will remove all  automatic updates  & drivers for windiwos
Delivery Optimization Service   
Update Orchestrator Service     
Windows Update Medic Service  
Windows Update Service    

Probably You will not be able to install cumulative updates depending on what code  You removed in Winreducer
Single updates & drivers still can be installed.
So my advice is to integrate  available updates & also Net Framework 3.5 if needed

Windos drivers and some manufacturer drivers can easely be updated with DriverBooster

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