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descriptionUSB DRIVE EmptyUSB DRIVE

Hello all,

         I managed to Get the WINDOWS 10 x64 with Software integration working and going fine but now the problem is that after creating the bootable USB Drive and transferring the Folder to the Drive after finalizing the ISO the Drive when connected Boots but every time a required CD/DVD or Device Driver is missing error appears and i cannot install the OS. I am using WINREDUCER EX100 and i tried it on VMWARE and  Real PC but on both it is giving the same error. Please Help

descriptionUSB DRIVE EmptyRe: USB DRIVE

hi tejas0007

in  Accessories
Application Experience (Engine)
must be present   

In Drivers
USB Attached SCSI (USAP) Needed for big USB3 drives 
USB Hub (Type-C)
USB Hub (xHCI)
must be present


descriptionUSB DRIVE EmptyRe: USB DRIVE

Hello tejas0007 Smile

To complete the icy007's ideas, if in the windows setup you can't see all partitions in your HDD/SSD then it's a missing controller driver ... in this case, you need to keep the controller driver for your motherboard in the "REMOVER - DRIVERS" tab/list.

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