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descriptionAction Center and BaloonTips EmptyAction Center and BaloonTips


I use BalloonTips to know system notifications.
This feature is set with the following registry value:


BalloonTips will not be displayed if "Taskbar - Disable Notifications" is true.
So we need to set it to false to display:

    <Element Category="Tweaks" Name="Taskbar - Disable Notifications" Selected="false" />

On the other hand, if we remove Action Center,

    <Element Category="Remove - Accessories" Name="Action Center" Selected="true" />

"Taskbar - Disable Notifications"  will be forced to true:

    <Element Category="Tweaks" Name="Taskbar - Disable Notifications" Selected="true" />

I want to use BalloonTips even if I remove Action Center.
Therefore, I request to consider changing the WinReducer's function as in (1) or (2) below.

(1) "Taskbar - Disable Notifications" is not forced to be set to true when removing Action Center.

(2) New Tweaks option that adds a registry value EnableLegacyBalloonNotifications with a name like "Tweaks - Classic GUI - Enable Classic BaloonTip instead of Toast".
Only when this option is set to true and deleting Action Center, "Taskbar - Disable Notifications" is not forced to be set to true.

descriptionAction Center and BaloonTips EmptyRe: Action Center and BaloonTips

I was able to display BalloonTips with deleting Action Center by manually overwriting the following settings after installation:


I will withdraw this request. I'm sorry to bother you.
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