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descriptionWe explain how the program works. EmptyWe explain how the program works.

Let's start and explain the program, because I can't understand many things ...

Compressed file, extract here, "start the program".
Which, first, we explain that the initial error is normal.
English off and click on the word "English" to choose the language, in my case Italian.
Tab setting, I think about the position of the bar where the time is, "but neutral and classic, where is the difference"?
Classic is perhaps in the Linux type side?
I mean, I don't know ...
Update notification, "of what?
Notification, referred to what "?
What does it notify?
So software installation, "but if I was offline"?
I unplug the network cable and try that menu.
That is, "but what if I don't want to use the internet or do I already have those programs on my computer?
That is, "modify the ISO, but you must be connected to the internet" ...
This is one of the first changes I would make.
Then, I had a very old usb pen for the internet, and I gave up using it because it is difficult to use the connection not ADSL cable and the like but 56k / internet of the cell phone on 10.
If a person starts the program, does he have to connect to the internet every time?
Do remove / remove everything, the intention is not to install things besides those and therefore I also remove, "force the download of everything".
Click on download and do I have to be connected to the internet or?
Closes everything, only error screen error and what will be different afterwards, "sometimes go up to close, it is necessary to go back".
This creates a bit of confusion, "why first the X in the upper right is not needed, while later it is to be used to go back"?
Maybe an arrow comes back.
We go on, but this time I leave the minimum.
The first crash it gave me, the GUI / Interface (graphics) disappeared, so go look for the folder where the program is and click again.
Quini, the top things like zip dism I leave them and under only default, without force to download everything.
Meanwhile first thing, once I had started the program and instead of those things like Win10 pc settings there were V's and menus with the square and the +.
I'm still trying to figure out how to use those, but I don't know how to do it.
So sometimes something changes and you don't know how to make it the way it was before / the last time.
Downloads and options.
The first is updating.
Click on the X (top right) and go back.
The second is configuration.
The third, "it is the themes, but if you put the V back, the theme does not return to the previous one" ...
I close the program, delete the folder because restarting the program does not cancel the change to the theme.
So I have to do it all over again and further consume the internet.
Same steps as before and waste of time.
It crashed, so another reboot again.
First thing, arrived at the same point as before, since we are talking about a program to reduce and make Win10 lighter, "the effects would remove them all" since it is very likely it will be used especially by those who have a computer that does not do it well , "and here in the basic version, which cannot be deactivated, are there any effects that can slow down or crash the program and / or the computer"?
I find it unnecessary to put effects into a program that tries to reduce and will therefore be used, "above all, by people who might have a computer that can't cope with these things" ...
In short, let's move on.
Options the last thing is quite useful, "but nothing is selectable" copy paste on the internet.
I have to go and do a research by hand of what is written, not mistaken code if not risk that I find myself a completely different computer.
Usual X to go back, which is now used to go back while previously it was not used to change menu / option-choice.
In this sense I said that it creates confusion.

So let's start the real thing, "click on the house / green" ...
What is it for?
I do ok immediately, without selecting anything, "
As I write, I realize that the program has crashed, new click in the folder to reopen the program.
It is not gone, "only the part where I have to choose the folder is left" ...
So I give ok, "this folder is not valid" ...
What is it for, what is the right folder?
Try again.
Meanwhile, the program icon has disappeared from the bar but it is normal.
Then I simply create a folder on the C: \ disk and from there I can see if it's okay with me.
This folder is not valid ...
The explanation of which folder should I use and why when is it not good where is it?
In short, first lack and I hope there is a version 100.1 / 2 that is an update of the program.
I skip that folder thing, that going forward in the program the modified ISO creates it for you, so I wonder the usefulness of the thing to ask for a folder, not knowing which is the right one and why, which however going forward in the program seems not to appear is not even necessary.
Iso to choose, of course, the one you want to use.
Upload the ISO and yes, it takes time even with faster computers.
Mount image, "it's like installing" ...
You will choose the version of the operating system you want.
But from now on, "I will not put every menu because there is too much to write".
But some things I would like to understand how they work.

I wanting a reduced edition, I put the N version of Home10.
The least I think.
Extract and open an ISO file, the second part in short, and here we have to wait a lot, especially depending on the computer.
So let's start the real part, for example presets.
Protecting important files, "will have to check" what?
Some sentences do not continue, it explains well what it does and / or what changes.
I think it would have been better to type option 1 option 2, numerically, going to explain in an external file instead of in a written them which, however, does not wrap.
Expert optimization what does it take away from normal?
In short, generically, there is little explanation and it was enough not to put them there but in rows in itself.
Appearance, various, view control panel I had put icons and I had to uninstall.
The control panel crashed and went out every time, so I couldn't set the not having to click (to choose icons instead of category) every time (which I went to the control panel).
Many unexplained solutions then go to make a program or part of it not understood, which consequently is not used or used as it should.
Example, support modern user interface theme, "can you put the menus copy paste that is that type of menu, where the color where the mouse goes is not a little similar to the others?
The window means everything.
The top part of the programs to understand.
But the part of the menus when you click the mouse, to change it so that I can understand from the color where it is selected?
There is not enough information to really take advantage of the program.
Top menu, "Functions".
And here's the first question I often ask myself.
Activate, deactivate, remove.
Remove, "what"?
Because hiding does not mean removing the program and removing can also be used to not show a function, "which however continues to be active" therefore to consume memory even if it appears as not visible.
So take away or hide?
Top menu, "Removal".
So if this is to remove, what does it "remove" the one before?
Is it just hiding?
Confused, it creates confusion about the final effect.
Tweaks, he needed a separate menu for me.
Put in the remove part, you don't understand if it removes that part of the operating system, or leaves and sets it that way.
But also, what if tweak sets only one thing?
Why give, "remove" that makes you think if you are personalizing and / or removing it.
Setting, remove everything.
But if there is "hide" and therefore hide, "does not remove but hides, or remove in the sense that it hides"?
It is not understandable...
Removal, "control panel" ...
What does it remove?
Options in the control panel, or any specific function to do that thing?
Unclear program.
Services, "remove what does it mean"?
Here too, one wonders if it is hide option, or remove service.
System, additions, but it is not explained how it works and / or how it should be used.
Unattended, "protect your pc" refers to what?
Updates off okay?
So if you just clicked them, "what's the use of all the updates"?
In some cases, the option of one possibility confuses with the other in another menu or choice.
You don't understand if you only do one or all of what changes.
Or just a few choices, how they will intervene on something.
Energy saving combination, it was not enough to go to choose, do you activate this option?
Would I be tempted to use the ulltimate performance option, "but using it on a regular laptop"?
In short, if I don't put it, "after how can I do it"?
I think instead of setting it to active, it was better, "make this option available".
End, so to speak, "too many options and optimizations not explained".
I don't know what will happen if I activate it or not.
Cleaning net framework, "what does it"?
In short, too little information and often, "but I'm removing it as viewable, or deleting from disk"?

In addition to the fact that having various options, it would have been useful to have a file with all those options, put in a text file type, "one and then the next one, going to the end" so that you could copy and paste and search the internet.
Also because, going to look for each option takes a lot of time and not being sufficiently explained the program, it is something that you are forced to do.

Does anyone have the answer to these and obvious other questions that I haven't written?
As I think you understand, "in too many cases you ask yourself, what and / or how does this choice change"?

descriptionWe explain how the program works. EmptyRe: We explain how the program works.

I am a member of winreducer for 7 years. I have done countless trials and i consider myself a fairly experienced user. But my friend what you wrote is unbelievable. You have countless mixed questions that are vague. Furthermore you wonder if someone knows the answers to them and to questions that you did not write. What;;;;;;;;. Please understand that i want to help. Ask a specific and clear question (not a thousand of them all together) and i will be the first to help. Finally my opinion is that you must experiment a lot by yourself to understand how the programm works and what suits you.

descriptionWe explain how the program works. EmptyRe: We explain how the program works.

I  agre with Victor

I  advice You to  make an iso with Unattended and Tweaks
Use this iso to  go farther and farther
make bleuprint  of working and not  working items
after a few months You will be able to make working isos
after a few years You will become a  Winreducer specialist when taking my advice

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