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descriptionSchedule for WinReducerOS? EmptySchedule for WinReducerOS?

Not exactly sure if I'm posting in the right place or not, but I am very excited for the new WinderReducerOS Project and I'm wondering if there is a release date available to the public? Also how is it exactly going to work? Would it be like WinReducer Ex100 but better?

Yet again I'm sorry if this isn't the right or I shouldn't be asking this.

descriptionSchedule for WinReducerOS? EmptyRe: Schedule for WinReducerOS?

Hello and welcome Reinyii Smile

This is the correct part of the forum to post these questions ... and thank you for asking !

I confirm that an additional delay is required .. I'm sorry for this, but I would like to propose a very interesting Project evolution and an amazing software ... so I prefer take more time now to provide a very efficient solution Smile

I will let you know soon how it will be release ... website, forum community and of course the software !

Here are some information about WinReducerOS ... take all options from "ES-Series" and "EX-Series" software ... add a huge list of additional options for contact management, multimedia (audio, video and picture), MS Office or MS Windows and the windows shell ... then put all of these options into one easy and dedicated creator in order to let you create, configure or use all these options for your own customized operating system .... in other words, you will be able to customize your system the way you want and how you want.

Have you read the presentation letter in the homepage of the WinReducerOS website Wink [The multilingual website versions will be available soon]

Here is the website address :
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I wish you to have a great day !

descriptionSchedule for WinReducerOS? EmptyRe: Schedule for WinReducerOS?

I've of course already seen the website I just wanted to clear some things up about what it will be able to do. Second of please do let me know when there is an update because I've waited so long for this.
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