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descriptionTo Winterstorm EmptyTo Winterstorm

To Winterstorm

I have been thinking about all the Updating,problems  & bugs into this forum:
Concerning cumulate updates you should set a switch ar the first run of a winreducer version
so that  updates and  drivers can not be integrated and save this iso with a special name.
This iso can then be used to integrate all (new) updates & (new) drivers .every time
This way integrating new updates & drivers will only take little time 
as only updates & drivers are updated & integrated 
This will end  a lot  of problems.

To avoid errors due to a different amount of items between different versions,
You should only save te changed items into a wcf ( Mayby change it to backup.wcf)
When loading  this backup.wcf into a new winreducer version these items shoulld
be automaticly  integrated into the original wcf of the new Winreducer version ,
in such a way that the amount of items does not change and that the items are 
in the correct place.
This way it should be very easy to upgrade winreducer versions and prevent
lots of errors and stress


descriptionTo Winterstorm EmptyRe: To Winterstorm

Hi Guys

This evening i have been testing
i first removed everything out of d:\WinReducerEX100_x64\WORK\INTEGRATE\
I also cleaned Sytem in order to select no drivers ets
Then i made an iso without updates,drivers,net48 & framework 3.5
TestToUpdate.iso 1,643,825,152 01/26/2020 20:28 -a--
Then I moved back d:\WinReducerEX100_x64\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\Framework35\ with
Framework 3.5 & updates dito inside
I also moved back d:\WinReducerEX100_x64\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\x64\NET48\ with
Inside Net Framework 4.8
Idem for Directory d:\WinReducerEX100_x64\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\x64\RS5\ with
inside all the Updates
I took the first iso To integrate updates,net48 & framework 3.5
5 items were integrated,i saw integrating framework 3.5,framework 4.8 and updates
the result was : Updated.iso 1,867,294,720 01/26/2020 20:42 -a--
I put this iso onto a multiboor stick (Yummi)
The iso installed perfectly.
Cumulative update and other single updates installed ,framework 3.5 istalled
and probably framework 4.8. So it is possible to update a winreduced iso if
no updates are integrated


descriptionTo Winterstorm EmptyRe: To Winterstorm

Not sure if I have understood well your explanation, but if it is the same you already suggested yesterday, then I replied you in my topic.
Its new name is now "UPDATING A WINREDUCED OS: A NIGHTMARE! WHAT PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW !" and I made some minor changes to it.
This topic evolved into a deep discussion on updates along with all the possible workarounds. There are lot of information there and we're better off if we continue the discussion there instead to split discussions on updates between different topics. There are also some users which are doing tests and I am going to invite them to join the topic.
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