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descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyThe forum is dead;

i am very dissapointed with the fact that the forum is like dead. At past time there was always someone that tried to help you or guide you. Now no one even answers your question. Winter i always supported you and the site. I do it even now. I know you have personal life but we all do. Just inform us what is happenning with the project and when new version will be released. Its frustrating to be silent for a month and post nothing to inform us.

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

It's not the first time. Been like this, in some form of hiatus, quite a few times in the past. It always makes a come back. 

And even if it doesn't, there's always other projects that will pop to take its place.

And that's why it's always a good move to make it Open Source.

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

I know my friend. I am a member for many years. But its not right to go dark. Some people have donated because they want to actively help. Imagine to have given money and the site goes dark for two months like it has. no new versions not even news. i would be very angry.

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

Hi to all

I am sure Winterstorm does not give up.
He underestimated  the work he has to do to disassemble windows
I have been working into the registry,well it is full of dirty tricks;
I hope he succeeds to realize the WinreducerOS ,; that is his goal,
Windows is  not structured in the way an OS should be,
Window  components  are dispersed,if you take away some code ,
it will have

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

icy007 i totally agree with you. I am saying that winter could at least post something every week to inform us what is happening. Its not ok to go dark for 2 months.

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

Hi to all

Ok,  he could
but that is his choice, i also has made choices , and many people tell me i am crazy,
but i am not, it is my choice


descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

Yes its his choice. We all make choices. So we have no responsibility we do everything we want and we say its our choice. When you have people that help either by giving money or by working on finding bugs etc.  you have a responsibility to them. What should we do; We must abandon the project all of us .. What happens then;

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

Be patient Victor
He 'll be back ,he is not giving up

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

Hello guys Smile

I apologize for my silence ... but there are wonderful things which are coming ... and no one will be forgotten !

Yes, this is quiet for the moment ... and after 8 years of a wonderful work and discussions with the amazing WinReducer forum community about our passion to customize Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 ... the time to take the decision to evolve, came as an evidence to propose a New and Modern Project : WinReducerOS !

I'm working as fast as possible to release it, but it takes time to handle every aspects of my entire vision (website, forum and software) ... so yes I confirm, I need to take some decisions and to make choices ... but I assure you : I'M NOT GIVING UP !

To be honest with you, the translators and myself are working on something never seen before ... for such kind of customization software ... an entire project environment which supports the translated content : the software but also ... a complete translated website ! This means that all website resources (pages, tutorials, information, links, ...) are totally translated for every supported languages !!!!!

==> Please do not worry, because this is for the best ... mark my words : these silent periods are necessary to provide to all WinReducer users ... the most amazing, beautiful, impressive and powerful customization experience you ever tried with a customization software : WinReducerOS is coming !

New information will be available soon about WinReducerOS .... and the new EX-100 versions will be back very soon Smile

I wish you to have a wonderful day !

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

Unfortunately I must join this topic to confirm that I am feeling the same frustration. I reported several serious bugs and none of them got even a response and when I say serious I means install failures and inability to update the system. 
This means that the only way to keep the system updated is to ERASE EVERYTHING and do EVERY MONTH and FROM SCRATCH a fresh install with a new winreduced iso containing the updates (since they are released monthly) unless we deal with a minimal reduced iso.

This is something that should be at the first place on the to do list like does Ntlite and MSMG ToolKit. Instead, the only info I found is an old topic of 2017 claiming full support of cumulative updates on extreme presets, but who know from how much time this feature does not work:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Pheraps I am wrong when talking about bugs because this seems more of a feature for which the development has been abandoned long time ago.

This is what happens when a big project like this is closed source and handled mainly from one person only. Winterstorm is doing his best and cannot be blamed. We can only be grateful for all the efforts he put in this project, but from my point of view keeping this project closed is the wrong way to go and the inactivity of the forum is a sign of people disappointment.

If it wasn't for Icy007, Dim and a few other ones this forum would have been completely dead. And again, this is not a winterstorm fault, the fault is in the closed nature of the project. He needs help from people and the only way to bring this project to a whole new level is to put it up on Github where people can send pull requests.

I can't wait for WinreducerOS and I am sure it will be a great tool, but the nature of the project is the same, therefore the problems will remain the same.

I joined the forum one month ago and I have not yet entered in production with a custom OS like I want, mainly due to the lack of information and communication. Only God know how much time I spent in this project for trials, researches, for opening topics containing new findings unknown to users, discovery of new bugs, workarounds etc.
I have been tempted multiple time (and still now) to give up and switch to MSMG toolkit to see if can be a valid alternative. It has an active community posting messages every 30 minutes and developer is fully focused to keep the tool updated to ensure successful windows updates, but I don't want to have spent so much time with WR for nothing. Plus I still believe that WR should be the best project.
For sure, if I was aware in advance about this and with a time machine in my hands, I will have started directly with MSMG Toolkit and then, if not great as I think, switch to WR.

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

hi  hi davidoff458 , hi to all

Concerning cumulative updates.
There is sowhere in Windows a test that controlls the installed code, if something is missing  cumulative updates do not install
This is also the case for NTLITE where they solved it by updating a complete 
full iso ,in this iso all parts were deleted in  order
to become a reduced iso.
in Winreducer every time there is a new cumulative update  i start  a new  iso and reduce it with the same wcf ,
But only if if the inreducer version did not change.
The best manner is to to winreduce into 2 steps:
 step 1: winreduce everything except  updates and save this iso when there is a change of updates.
 Net Framework 3.5 can be included in step 1
 step 2 start winreducer to integrate  cumulative updates ,single updates and drivers
 Step 3 win reduce  the iso saved in step 1 t o integrate the new cumulative & single updates and drivers,
 BUT ONLY IF the Winreducer version  is the same 
 In this case integrating  new cumulative updates does not take  a long time.
 Reducing with a former wcf will give unpredictable result (errors all the time as I found out)
 How do I do it ????
 I hane made a complete list of  WinReducer EX-100 - v2.3.0.0,
 In this list i add to the items that  are not working a comment to avoid thos item next time.
 From this list i copy all items that work  into  a working list
 In my case  the items  are :
 Presets : Your Chice
 Features 8
 Accessories 29
 Control Panels 24
 Drivers 19
 Fonts 16
 Keyboards 2
 Languages 0, if selecting a language ,also select Language Pack Support
 Modern UI Applications 4
 Multimedia 2
 Network 3
 Privacy 14
 Settings 21
 Themes 0
 Tweaks 53
 Services 12
 System  Net Framework 3.5
 Unattended Your choice
 Finish Your Choice
 Now with the list it is easy from features to Services;
 Select all Features , deselect your Features
 Select all Accessories , deselect your Accessories
 Selett all Control Panels , deselect your Control Panels
 In my case this takes less than 15 minutes to create the new wcf..
 Now You can winreduce with a wcf from scratch , save the iso ,
 Winreduce a second time only  with cumulative updates ,single updates and drivers
 Net Framework 3.5 is not available when reducing the first time with a new Winreducer Version,
 But You can copy it from  an older version into ?:\WinReducerEX100_x64\WORK\INTEGRATE\UPDATES\

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

Hello Icy007,

I feel we are going off topic, therefore I will respond you in the other topic and will put here just a shorter comment.

Yes, in case of extreme presets is pretty much a guarantee of failure, but I would not feel safe even with light customizations because I suppose that even when is removed one only component, if it is the bad one it will cause the same failure.

There is another problem that I have never taken into consideration and I am facing right now. Even if Windows sometimes can handle successfully missing components, it will automatically restore the removed components making our work useless (another point in favour of WU removal in favor of frequent install with integrated updates from scratch).

MSMG developer is working on some sort of mechanism to auto-recognize the changes made by the CU and auto-remove them:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
It would be great if winter and MSMG could collaborate in this and future developments/improvements. Both the projects can still be kept separate, just private collaboration.

If Ntlite fixed all of those troubles by upgrading a full ISO and reducing it again, I really don't care because everything is automated (especially with "Host refresh wizard" feature) and, more important, all settings, apps and data are not lost.
Unless there are particular contraindications, as long as we end up with a system in the same state of when we do a fresh installed winreduced iso with updates integrated, then it will be more, more and more than enough.

From your words, a similar feature seems to be easy to implement in terms of programming code and therefore winter should take it in serious consideration.
This will solve most of the problems people have to deal with and reduce chances to see topics like this.

descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

Hi davidoff458

Some time ago I had a look at this MSMG ,but i am not convinced at all.
Cumulative updates can easely be integrated into a winreduced iso without updates
each tlme there is a new cumulative update.
If Winterstorm should adapt his Winreducer programs the way i see it,
winreducing shoul become a lot easier,quicker to reduce and more bugfree .
The big problem is that windows does not allow to install cumulative updates
once it is installed.
So it is a good practice to use portable software if available to avoid istalling every time
there is a change in ths O.S


descriptionThe forum is dead; EmptyRe: The forum is dead;

I am also not convinced about MSMG, not for update part, but for the lacks of features compared to WR.
I changed my topic title into "UPDATING A WINREDUCED OS: A NIGHTMARE! WHAT PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW !" and made some minor changes to it. This topic evolved into a deep discussion on updates along with all the possible workarounds. There are lot of information there and we're better off if we continue the discussion there instead to split discussions on updates between different topics. There are also some users which are doing tests and I am going to invite them to join the topic.
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