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descriptionRestart loop EmptyRestart loop

When I activate theme support in WinReducer ex-100 and add background pictures for startup install and test in VB all I get is infinitive restart loop .

I'm using newest winreducer ex-100  and I'm trying to mod win 10 pro 10.0.18363.418 (19h2), I hope this is good format for reporting.

descriptionRestart loop EmptyRe: Restart loop

Hello Iceman96,

As you are using virtualbox : Have you activated the "Presets - Protect VirtualBox" option ?

About the background picture, are you saying : just by using the background option, the boot loop occurred ?

I wish you to have a great day !

PS : could you please edit your post title, just have look at all other post titles. Thank you very much.

descriptionRestart loop EmptyRe: Restart loop

Sorry, I meant active theme support in general and yes I have protected Virtual Box, VMware Player and Workstation along whit Sysprep

Here is my preset 

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About editing post: can you send me 1 topic in PM so I know how to edit, I've checked few but they are all simiar to mine, thank you for reply.

descriptionRestart loop EmptyRe: Restart loop

Hi Iceman96

if you took your wcf file from a former winreducer version, then you can be going into a loop.
My advice is to select every item one by one , winreduce the iso and then try it.
Concerning VMware, i simply remove all those items and intall my isos directly onto a partition
with the help of Bootit  ( makes  4 to 8  bootable partitions) and Yumi ( makes multiboot isos).


descriptionRestart loop EmptyRe: Restart loop

Well, I would like to make preinstalled stuff and that's why I need VMware's aduit mode, I wil try your suggestions tomorrow and let you know how that works out, thanks man.
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