Wow ,what a day
I could write an essay today, but i am not going to
So I dowloaded the new winreducer,when installing the software,
 i got something like  this this program can not run on this computer"
 see " Help: Can't start WinReducer "  onto the forum
 So i deleted all 4 partitions of my ssd and set all bytes to 00 to
 be sure viruses are gone
 installed a new bootit  partition and with bootit the rest of the partitions
 installed my last working 1903 iso,  a new total commander and
 yumi to make a multiboot usb stick.once installed i run the
 new Winreducer  and made an iso with only unattended and tweaks.
 this iso installed fine and so i  installed again a new Winreducer
 Installing software was ok , the slimmed down iso was ok.
 After installing  this new iso , same operation,  software install ok
 i now registered this installed iso  and installed  the new winreducer,
 result "  this program can not run on this computer"
 So i begun looking around  and found out that the 2 winreduced
 isos were already registered, so registering a registered windows
 gave those errors.
 also like before in the to drive D moved Temp 's there were created a lot
 of empty directories each time after booting.
 I always delete proftools.exe & dll 's in C:\Windows\System32\ & c:\Windows\SysWOW64\
  to get rid of d:\Temp\tw-??????.tmp\ tempory files, thats a cure .
  So i decided to install a full untouched 1919 iso to see what was going to happen.
  This untouched iso dowloaded a few days ago was registered
  In C;\Windows\Temp the same Temp\tw-??????.tmp were created at each boot,
  so this is a windows problem and not a virus
  Microsoft seems to be going reallty mad