Hi Guys
For Those Who want  the fastest  browser, but not Google Chrome,
There is an Ungoogleed  Chrome :
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It is best to download the zip file, just unrar it.
There are a few thing not working,
Like Posting and vieuw some info when clicking on it
 but for the rest it is super, dowloading Video, software ,
 Gmail ,etc no problems
Very fast,no calls to Google ,a minimum of open connections
installing extensions is a bit more complicated,
Install Chrome extension source viewer in Chrome or a compatible browser
Download all  needed  extensions as a CRX  file
Rename all CRX extensions to Rar
unrar everything in a separate directory
Open Settings
In Settings open Extensions
In Extensions  push " Load unpacked "
Select  folder of the unrared extension to install
Done,extension installed
Do this for all extensions You need to install
For the rest it is Chrome,without Google messing up
 and collecting data and super fast