Hi Guys
! have made a new WinEvt registry, this one empties 3 registries



It is working nearly a week without any problem on my extremely reduced Windows
The registries are done with a registry 4 editor, so no fake & false entries 

W1903Full-M.TBI           size  7.166.320.640 11/10/2019 14:16 -a--
W1903Full-M-WINEVT.TBI   size  7.002.869.760 24/10/2019 22:17 -a--

That is a lot of code removed, Windows seems to be more responsive and quicker
This registry has to be applied  in safe boot mode , i run it as trustedinstaller with
Powerrun ,Probably it works as administrator
 Ps : When using Powerrun ,You need to reboot 2 times, i think there is a small
bug  in Powerrun.

If someone is interested, let me know